How do I make an account on Kemper store to buy a Remote?

  • I contacted Help on Thursday and haven't gotten a response yet, so I'll ask here.

    I wasn't able to register for an account on the Kemper store, the only place you can buy a remote. It said that if you had an old account, you'd need a new one in the USA, since it now sells and ships from Colorado. Fine, my old account was set up a year ago when I thought I'd be able to buy a remote, but couldn't. I tried two email addresses. I tried sending "reset my password" just in case my email address from old account caused the issue. I tried two web browsers, I checked my internet cookies were on. I double checked my matching pass codes. I tried a simple passcode. Later I tried a complex passcode involving Upper Lower case and even numbers. I checked "send me advertisements or whatever" I waited for a response to the issue and made sure it didn't go to my spam folder. So I'm asking here. All I want to do is register for an account so that I can give this company $600 for a remote.

  • Thanks Paults. I may have to try that. There's been something fishy going on with Gmail the last few days. Had another issue today where an email that appeared on my phone didn't show up on my computer for like 2 hours, though I was hitting refresh. I'm also going to try using the Chrome browser on another computer I have access to at work. Was disappointed with the customer service not getting back to me, and I sent request with clear details of everything I tried on Thursday. As it is now, to be responsible I have to wait until middle of this month to purchase.
    This remote has been the bane of my existence. I wanted it almost 3 years ago when the design were being voted on and discussed on these forums. Then, the almost 2 year wait to come to market. Then the super long line thanks to 2 years of anticipation and all the people ready to shell out dough for it. I signed up for the early bird waiting list, and didn't feel comfortable leaving my CC# or even paypal info or whatever it was then (can't remember) only to have a surprise charge from them at some point in future. To be fair, I'm not sure if I would be first contacted or not before they debited my account. But with the waiting list being like 3 months at the time, I passed and figured I'd just get it when it was finally in stock and not have to worry about it. Once it was in stock, last summer, I didn't have the money. And here we are 7 months later. I'm so sick of the FCB10 which takes up so much space and has useless expression pedals. I want to integrate other things on my pedal board but have no room, and don't want to build/buy a pedal board the size of a surf board when I won't be able to reach the pedals when singing into a mic without doing a split.

  • Yeah!! I just ordered my remote on the store. Worked fine today, albeit using google Chrome web browser. And the store just lowered price to only $499 and with free shipping!! Couldn't be happier. It was a blessing I had issue last week. For if it had worked, I would have paid $600 and perhaps shipping too. Maybe that's why they didn't respond, wanting me to wait, knowing that I would go through the roof with the ordeal, being coached how to log in, only to discover a day later that they lowered the price the very next day. That would have been a pretty lousy thing of for them to have done, helping me with my log in issue knowing that in a day they would drop the prices. Well, that's what I'm going to think anyway, as I've had nothing but positive things to say about the Kemper and the company, even getting help from Mr. Kemper himself before on these forums.