Definitive guides to profiling?

  • Hi,
    I'm wondering if there are some good and thorough profiling guides out there that I should check out (besides the manual of course). I'm especially interested in ones that cover making direct profiles.

    I'll be taking my Kemper down to my studio in a few days to do a big profiling session. I haven't done any profiling since the direct profiles feature was added and I also recently got a DI box that is capable of handling handling speaker signals. I'm planning on doing a whole bunch of direct profiles as well as ones with different cabinet and mic combinations. I'd like to be as meticulous and thorough as possible. Any resources/advice/tips/tricks would be much appreciated!

    One other question: I know v4.0 is right around the corner. How likely is it that when I update to 4.0 the profiles I made with 3.2.1 will not sound the same?