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  • Saw your post about DIY 200asc in your kabinet, pretty awesome! Does it always run at full volume and you just control from the kemper?

    Was hoping you could maybe tell me exactly what to search for the parts / modules

  • OMG, You are in Holly! I am in New Hudson. I'll let you know for sure. I am trying to get it done in September. Just got our middle kid off to college, my youngest starts 8th grade next week, then I should be able to do something. My name is Scott.

  • Hi. I see in an old post that you downloaded a free lasselammert’s profile of a Diezel vh4 with “Adam Jones settings”. Unfortunately that link does not work anymore. Could you please let me try it?

  • Hi whippinpost91850, I found a post of yours in a thread regarding stands for kemper whith pictures of your set-up and I was wondering what was the box surrounding your toaster ? is it something you built yourself ?
    If you find time to answer this I would really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

  • Hi!!! I would like to know in Set List Maker, preset Midi, wich Program Change numbers do I have to put to control the Kemper in Peformance Mode.

    Thanks in advance!!


  • Hi whippinpost97850,
    I read a couple of times about the Sea Nymph profile.
    Now I'm very curious and want to try them out (Romulus as well).
    Can you help me out where to download these profiles?