What's the point of "merged Profiles"

  • Hi,

    I'm quite new to the Kemper-world... and I'm still learning ;-)
    Sorry, if this is a FAQ... I searched through the forum and read the manual, but I am still confused...

    I recently bought some nice Marshalls from TopJimi, which I really like.
    The poinit is: all profiles come merged and non-merged.

    I currently have 2 scenarios:
    1) Studio: I just need the best possible sound on "Main Out".
    2) Live: I also need the best possible sound on "Main Out" for the PA. So, imho, I should use the same profile like in the Studio, cuz' PA-sound has priority. right?
    Additionally I run the "Monitor Out" through the internal power amp into a real guitar-cab.

    So: in what situations should I use merged profiles and when should I use non-merged profiles?
    And why ;-)

    Tnx, Schludi

  • The point of merged profiles is that the cab portion of the profile can more accurately be subtracted from the studio profile.
    In all other cases (non-merged profiles, i.e. normal studio profiles) the profiler will guess the cab portion with an algorithm called cabdriver, which yields great rresults already IMO.
    For your use case just switch off the cab in your monitor out and use your ears. ;)