Solved: Strange behaviour morphing comes and goes on it's own

  • Usually I don't carry the Kemper Remote to the bread and butter rehearsals. I use a BOSS FS-5U footswitch instead to turn morphing on/off in performance mode. That is what I use most times after all. Now strange things happen. Morphing turns on all by itself which is quite inconvenient in the middle of a song. Even if I turn it off as fast as I can manage ... here it comes again. After I while of staring it down and uttering dreadful curses against this wretched footswitch I give in and behave as in pre morphing time.

    The footswitch has a polarity switch wich has to be on the right hand side if looked from above. Otherwise it will only turn on.

    Anybody out there who has had the same trouble? Or knows what's the matter?

    Thank you for reading the request