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  • Lemme just chime in for a minute about these profiles...

    I was going to do some demos for Matt a while back for these but had a bit of a crisis of confidence with my playing. ;( Turns out I'm only good at sloppy Marshall Rock. :D

    Anyway, there are some real gems in here. I'll also note that Matt's packs are probably the most diverse that I've run across. Of the profiles I tried, I'd probably only be able to use 50% of them for my needs. But there is probably another player out there that would like the other 50% and dislike the ones that worked for me. If at first you don't land on one that works, there is probably still something that will fit very well.

    Thanks for chiming in Klappy! I appreciate it very much!

    Those are both very good profiles, but a bit too overdriven for my usual needs. I think I'm in the minority here, though 8)

    In any case, many thanks for your generosity!

    Glad to do it, thanks for the review...

  • Matt, thank you but the Salvation JBE and Duoplex are way too dark on my setup. I was able to tweak them with added presence and treble however... Sorry, just trying to be honest.

    First of all, I liked the tones and found them very useful.

    Having said that, I agree the raw tones are pretty heavy in the bottom end which makes them appear a bit dark in contour. The Salvation JBE LB with the iso cab in particular had an excessive amount of low end.

    Then again cutting out a bit of bass took me about ten seconds with the basic EQ. There is a nice clear top end in the tones without having to boost the treble, it's just concealed behind the bottom end. In my DAW it was an easy thing adding a hi-pass filter, but using that sound in a live setting would necessitate some heavy handed eq-ing in the lower frequencies. Using the kempers graphic eq to tweak the sound should be quite sufficient if the basic eq doesn't do the trick.

    Rolling back the gain a tad gave a delightful dynamic crunchy tone that worked perfectly for the soft melodic leads i tried it out on. Adding the tube screamer produced a thick lead sound with a nice smooth high end.

    In the end I prefer some excess low end to not enough low end. It's way easier to cut something out then add something that isn't there to begin with. I'll have to fiddle around with the sounds a bit more to give a more informed opinion but the Salvation JBE LB and the Salvation JJ Dirt Alnico sounded excellent to me. Sure, they might not work straight out of the box but tweaking the tones is part of the process and the fun and gives way more options in moulding the sound in my opinion.

  • Thanks so much for the review Coldflesh! I set the EQ straight flat on the profiles so tweaking is necessary but, as you mentioned, quite easy and yields good tone! Thank you sir.