Anyone use a scarlett 2i2 with the kemper

  • hi everyone,
    I don't understand why if I've got stereo sound from the kemper to my monitors, why it's mono or pseudo mono ? Is it run through a scarlett 2i2.
    The pc out sound which must go up the USB is stereo also.
    It's just using the front inputs is mono output.
    It's really annoying. Especially as I like ping pong delays
    Are the inputs mono on the 2i2 ?
    Could I plug the kemper into my regular pc sound card as a line in instead of the front of the focus instead ??? And use the 2i2 as the line out ???
    Any advice is appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Same configuration here, but I no problem to run the Kemper in stereo through monitors. As long as I don't use the "Direct monitor" option of the 2i2 cause this will mix the stereo signal in one mono :(.
    So this will add some latency, but I think i go to something like 12ms, wich can be noticeable but don't bother me too much.

    I use the two input of the 2i2 --> Reaper --> a track with stereo input : Input1 / input2 and have record monitoring on to have the Kemper in stereo.

    Hope it helps.

  • I had hesitated too... but I ended with a trio+ instead, which is imono anyway. I don't really mind the few ms latency I'm getting using my DAW ...and I still can plug the Kemper directly in my monitors (which have 2x2 input, so still can play some music with). to get the stereo without any latency.
    Up to you :).

  • I'm a hobby guitarist,
    Just setting up my 1st basic studio.
    I just wanted reasonable active monitors to run the kemper and pc through and USB to maybe try recording with reaper.
    Pc and kemper to monitors was the priority in stereo.
    Recording was secondary really.
    I just though direct monitor in stereo would be very basic entry level standard from the 2i2 inputs without considering it may not be.
    I've always used my processors in stereo direct.
    I prefer it to mono.