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  • Thanks, keep in touch.


  • Thank la truffe,
    Your a legend .
    I managed to get reaper working with the kemper as I wanted with you help.

    I think through the 2i2 something is lost compared to the signal straight to the kemper, as in some of the width or thickness maybe, but I'm still really pleased with the results thanks to you.
    I had an issue with latency through reaper, but did some googling, and managed to change the output to adios, and cut the buffer and problem solved.

    I've had good fun this afternoon messing around with it.
    My father bought me the 2i2, last Christmas, but I didn't really use it at all.
    I can't remember why, but I think I couldn't get something to work properly and gave up.

    I'm ashamed to say up until now, I was running the kemper through the auxiliary inputs of a 10 year old panasonic hifi , with pc output also, and gave up with reaper and the 2i2.

    About 2 weeks ago, I wanted to practice late at night, so got the headphones out.
    For months I've been using the headphone output on the hifi, just so I had audio from you tube aswell, but for whatever reason I plugged into the kemper headphone out.
    I couldn't believe how much better the sound was. Thicker and more detailed etc.
    I was so pleased. And that was using a cheap pair of headphones. Sennheiser hd20. That cost €25.
    I immediately knew I needed better gear so bought a pair of AKG headphones and a pair of JBL LSR 305. I've had the kemper 18 months, but couldn't afford the monitors until now.
    I'm really pleased with the results.
    Especially now.
    I too like metal riffs. Esp stuff from the 80s and 90s.
    I live 5 minutes outside of plymouth, where it is a bit quieter. And have nice coast around and moorland close by.
    I enjoy taking the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff every now and again, and wander around the shops and cafe's and markets around Roscoff, Morlaix,quimper.
    I normally just buy wine cheese and nuts etc. But it's so nice,
    I like the character and authentic way of life there still is in the small towns,
    A lot of it has been lost around plymouth, it's all high street name shops that are all the same.
    I may take trip before Christmas, I love the ferry ride, and having lamb shanks and ratatouille !!

    Thanks again. And I owe you a favour !!


    • I had change my headphones too :), maybe not fantastics, but do the job. I prefer to plug in my Matrix Q12, but just like you, playing "late" at night (with my daughters sleeping) is easier with headphones.
      I worked a while in Lanion too, nearer from where you seem to travel :).
      Happy to know you managed to get something accecptable with your 2i2 : I feel the stereo is a must have while playing through headphones. I can do without through the Matrix, but it'so much better in stereo !
      I prefer to loose some quality in the sound and add a little latency. The "space" function of the Kemper really matters with headphones and logically doesn't work as well in mono :).

      Have fun with your Kemper and 2i2, I will wait some more before changing this soundcard, which do the trick for me !

  • no problem for the advice, i'm happy if I can help, I don't have the skills of many people on this forum, but I have the 2i2 :).
    I live near St Malo (5 minutes by car), have been living in Paris many years too. Rather prefer here now, this coast is quite beautiful in my opinion.
    And yes, I'm french, thanks for my english, I understand better that I can talk, or write, but nothing to reproach to your english, didn't find it was worse than mine !
    ... where are you from ?
    Anyway for the 2i2, if you don't want to record and have 2 differents(stereo) input in your monitors( poor monitors for me : M-Audio AV40 but I also have a (mono) Q12a from Matrix), you could (as I do sometimes) have one input from your soundcard (RCA for me), and the other 2 jack from your Kemper directly in, too.
    And again, if you configure correctly the 2i2, the 12ms latency you can get are not too much, even for some quick metal rythm parts :), at least for me.

  • Thanks for your advice
    I see you live in St malo
    Lovely looking town.
    Are you French ? Your English is better than mine !!