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  • Hello sin! Do you think is possible to reprofile the jcm800? I think your profiles are currently the best out there, but the jcm ones are just a step below. Thanks,bye

  • Amazing Profiles dude, they are now my Go To's

    • Thx Man! Have Fun! \m/

  • you can be cute and like my post. but we both know you are a piece of shit. have a nice day!!

  • Hey man, can you please advise if we can expect a Randall RG80ES profile pack soon? I am dying to get my hand on it and tired of checking your shop every day :)

  • Hello Grzegorz. Would it be possible to share pictures of all the amps profiled in PPII and PPIII please? I would for reference and for the organisation of my folders, love to have images of the actual amps you have ripped the souls out from?

    I understand you must be a busy man, so if you haven't got the time, never mind.It would be much appreciated if you could.

    Keeping it Metal here in Manchester,


  • Hi! Can I contact you regarding a profiling problem? I need some help. Any mail or private message? Thanks in advance.

    • I would thank an opinion of a trusted professional. Help from tech support has been useless, and may be you can give some light on this matter.

    • Sent you a message via your website.

    • I think i posted some info on FB Group :D Grzegorz Kulawiak (SinMix) here :D

  • Hey Gregor! I'm wondering - which profile packs can you recommend especially for doing rock stuff (as opposed to metal - yeah I know, "stay metal" and all that ;-))

    • Hi, Good question :D IMO always look at cabinets list, used speakers etc... Hmmm Friedman Pack and VHT Deliverance is very good many unboosted profiles, crunch and cleans on diff cabs, JCM800 KK is also good, but IMO first Try VHT Deliverance, if you like them then we can talk about some promo prices for another one :D Stay Rock! hehehe

    • Nice, Thanks ;)

    • So, ended up buying the PP II - looking forward to trying this stuff out! :)

    • Send me email please i have few gifts for You :D

  • Hey Gregor! I ordered the Jubilee pack but the site won't let me download. Can you check and let me know if there was a problem with my order? Thanks!

  • Whats up Gregor , u have new cool profiles i should check. I wanna hear your profiles of the new Randall amps ie; the KH ,fortin.etc.

  • Hey Sinmix do you happen to have Peavey JSX profiles?

  • Hi, did you see my recent post enquiring after an OR15 / 5150 II dual profile? Cheers, Andy…ve-a-5150-II-AND-an-OR15/

  • Hi, can I order a pack from you at this time?

  • Hello! Chris here from I was wondering if I qualify for your upgrade from PP1 to PP2, and if so how much & how to purchase? Bought a bunch of stuff from you in the past, but it's been a while and I'm not sure if I qualify for an upgrade...Killer profiles, by the way!

  • amazing svt03 preset! getting the extreme bass pack later - thx for the great work!

    • btw: any more of these coming? maybe a mesa bass-amp ? :)

    • Thx man! Maybe soon? ;) I have many amps to profile :p and im only one hahaha ;) Thx Again! and Thx for support! ;)

    • Anytime mate!

  • Send me an engl profile then to test ;)

    • saturday - engl om hesu and mesa cab ;) then i send you all for test ;)

    • i'm waiting :P

  • is such a checkmate (y) hahaha

  • Well done on getting the Satan.