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  • Thanks for taking the time to respond with these its greatly appreciated. I will check them out! Cheers!!

  • Great thanks

    • I used a Splawn Quick Rod from Pete's Profiles for the Van Halen stuff. Don't think Top Jimi's VH profiles were out at the time I recorded these, would have probably given them a go. Pete's got great stuff though!

      I used a Rockman Sustainor from "Stephen" - might have found this on the rig exchange. I would probably give liveplayrock's GK profiles a spin if I re-recorded this or record anything else from this era Maiden.

      I used a MesaBoogieMK2 SE profile from The Amp Factory for Bark At The Moon.

      I used a JCM800 HOT MOD profile also from The Amp Factory for Love Removal Machine.

      I like tweaking my own effects in the Kemper and I also probably did some post work in the DAW as well.

  • Hi thanks for the reply.
    I'm guessing you used Top Jimi for van halen ? I am interested in what profiles you used for Bark at the Moon, Wasted Years and Love Removal Machine if possible ? Thanks again

    • I will check this weekend to see if I kept a record of what I used on those tracks and let you know...

  • Hi there, Loving the guitar covers you have just posted on youtube - awesome playing. I am new to the Kemper (December 17) and looking for great profiles. Are you able to share the profiles you used or list the names of any commercial rigs used for them ?

    • Thanks, appreciate it! I generally use commercially available profiles. Choptones, Top Jimi, ReAmpZone, Michael Wagener, Guido... many others. Bit of a profile junky I am. If you have a particular song in mind, let me know and I will see if I kept a record of what I used...

  • Hi there. Love your In My Dreams solo tone! As you can tell, I'm also a Lynchaholic. Would you please share your Lynch tone profile with me? Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks! Glad you dig it! The profile in use is a commercial profile "MW-MTS RAN SCARY 3B" from Michael Wagener, so I can't share it for the obvious reasons. However I see there is a "MW - Rand L- TS Mrs Scar - 2015-05-05 17-26-24" rig in the Michael Wagener rig pack on the rig exchange. Not sure if it is the same as what I used from his commercial pack, but I bet it will get you in the ballpark. Hope that helps!

    • Thank you so much for the info... Keep up the great playing! You're Jet City Woman track is amazing too!

    • Thanks for listening!

  • Hello, yeah probably not too many folks from Kansas on here I suppose. Glad you dig the setup!

  • Hey - I was browsing through the Kemper rig post and saw your note about being on stage at Salina. Thought I'd say hi - my wife and I both have family from Kansas, her family is from great bend and she has an aunt that lives in Salina.

    Don't see too many Kansas folk out there, figured it was worth saying hi.

    Good setup, by the way.

  • could you reup your george lynch song, i am very curious (as a george lynch fan) to hear you and your sound!