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  • awesome profiles,thank you Tim.

  • Tim I just want to say your Friedman profiles are amazing! Great sounding profiles. Thank you! If you ever have any others please let me know. Especially if they're Friedman!

  • Hey Tim. Love your Friedman dirty Shirley profiles. The low 6, is my go to.

    I was looking for carol Ann profiles, and saw you had some, but couldn’t find them on the exchange. Do you know where they can be found? Are the under a different name?


  • Hello Tim, I just read you have some great sounding Friedman BE profiles. Is it possible to send them to me? Thanks!

  • Hey gattoboogie, I guess the new forum does not have Private Messages (PM's), at least I can't find them. Here's the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/na7…-SajYdl85nWlm6edjrqa?dl=0 I'm also going to put the full profiles on the Rig Exchange which should be able to work with any firmware version. Thanks

  • Hi, not shure if is the right place to write you, but i'd like to try your profiles, can you give me the link? many thanx!!

  • Hi, These Friedman Be-100 profiles sound amazing. I am using them on the new beta 2.8 firmware. Thank you so much ! Jamie

    • Thank you so much, that's great to hear. This amp is really quite versatile, I hope to spend more time making more profiles with the different options (FAT, C45 and SAT switches), but I'm going to wait for this new firmware to go public to avoid any potential problems.

    • Oh please keep me in mind for those profiles. They sound amazing. Would love to hear them with those switch options. Thanks again!