Good rotary settings?

  • Hi all!

    One of my performance patches that I use a lot is a very slight crunch. Maybe some people would even say it's just a clean with some dirt in it.

    I would like to incorporate a Leslie effect in this sound that I can turn on and off, and have a second effect button that controls the speed slow/fast. All that is easy enough with the remote.

    What I'm wondering though, is if someone has tips for good rotary settings, the sound seems to get very colored when I switch on the rotary effect and I would like a more transparent and light chorusing when it's on slow. I don't mind it getting more effected when it's on fast. Listen to the wonderful Josh Smith just twenty seconds into this video:

    You can hear that when he switches the rotary to slow his guitar has a lot of clarity and snap to it. This is what I'm not able to replicate, it all seems a bit too muddy when I turn the rotary effect on.

  • I want to start with a Stereo slow rotary speed and increase it with the morph pedal

    I've made this a feature request a few times, only to get shot down. Apparently since a 'real' Leslie only does fast or slow, they don't think variable speed is 'realistic.' I say "hogwash!" Most of the effects on the Kemper are unique and non-standard, many have no counterpart in the 'real' world. I think the same should be true of the rotary simulator. There are several Leslie stomp simulators with variable speeds already on the market. I don't see why this should be difficult for the amazing Kemper team.

    I'm with you on this one Muddy.