First stab at a Tweed Deluxe

  • I profiled this with a Beyer M160 mic about three inches out, off axis, going through a Solo 610 BUT the amp volume was reduced down to conversation level through an attenuator. This is with my 1958 Deluxe set on 6 for tone and volume in the instrument channel. I have had to do quite a bit of tweaking. I've put a compressor before it. I think I now prefer the raw sound. I have had the input set at clean 2.2, dist +1.2, which has become my default setting for using KPA. I use a 62 reissue strat.

    I have not used hexeditor or modified the file, so this is safe to try out.…023-36-24%20-%205E3a.kipr

    I see on the fractal forum that Armin has posted a great clip of his 1957 Deluxe through the KPA and made a comparator clip with the Axe II. Armin, any chance of posting your KPA profile?

    Thanks to all who've posted profiles so far. I'm particularly fond of the Blackface Vibrolux and the Victoriette, and also Hoss's champ and bassman. These were not in the included profiles on my KPA which is v6875.

  • I haven't yet managed to get it to upload the new kaos.bin file. I've put this in the O/S file as instructed. When I put the USB stick into Kemper I don't get any on screen instructions as the manual says I should. A tab appear 'external storage' device. When I click on this I only get options for importing/exporting and for backups and restores.

  • Thanks for the help. I've got it working now. It was in a sub-folder 'KPA Operating System' within 'OS Update'. I took out the Kaos.bin file and put it into the OS Update folder and all was well.

  • I should also mention that for this profile I used the Gondwana AC 30 cab which sounds similar to my own cab, which isn't a Jensen but an old blue Oxford, which is great sounding, despite the bad rep Oxfords get. Doing the profile with a lot of attenuation means the cab sound wasn't that great, so I matched the amp profile with the Gondwana.