Elektron Analog Drive pedal

  • Nice vid! I have been using Bias Distortion Pro (did a review in a previous thread) and enjoying it very much... I’ve dialed in some fun stuff on it for the last year and it will stay in the loop. That being said...

    The Analog Drive arrived a few days ago and I can’t stop fiddling with it! It’s almost impossible to make it sound bad. I spent about 4 hours last night playing around with different guitars, profiles and just the Clean Boost setting. I’m amazed with the thing! Ease of use, 100 preset locations, expression/CC control and amazing tone and feel... All for a few bucks more than your average “boutique” monsters... So...

    Further confessions of a known pedal junkie...

    Guitar>Kemper>Loop>Decibel 11 Loop Expander(4 loop programmable)>Bias(heavy drop tunings and 7 string)>Elektron(everything else)>B.K. Butler Tube Driver(some things can’t be duplicated)>Various(A closet full but usually a Boss Adaptive Distortion)>Kemper>BLISS!!

    Between the available options in the Kemper and this virtual pedalboard I can’t think of a missing option. I don’t use a fuzz very often but when I do it’s an EJ Fuzz Face in front of the Kemper.

    I obviously need therapy...

  • I have one of these and love love love it! There's been a few other attempts at multi-circuit overdrives (BOSS, VHT, Line6, JHS Bonsai) but the Elektron really -feels- like a multi-circuit pedal rather than one or two basic circuits with minor tweaks. And, like Vaughnfats said "it's almost impossible to make it sound bad." There's a lot of flavors on tap, and they're all useful!

    The (active!) EQ controls are also super sensible - you can dial in lows and sweepable mids, which most overdrives don't allow. Even in Clean Boost mode these are real problem solvers.

    My only gripes with the pedal are its size (large!) and the price. But it's worth it.

  • @Kasper_Fauerby

    I been using it with a few different profiles from Mike Britt, TAF and Top Jimmy. I found that if I like the feel of a profile it will get me good results with pedals. I go mostly for profiles that are in the slight breakup variety but I’ve also use some pristine cleans as a base as well. My factory go to for experimenting was the AS Sure Badge with the definition rolled off a bit and a little less treble and presence. It always gives me a good base for hearing the personality and feeling the response of new drive pedals. The John Mayer stuff from @norburybrook is wonderful as a pedal base, too. They’ll tell you a lot about the pedal... and your touch, too.

  • @Vaughnfats

    So, I was lucky enough to come across a "used" Analog Drive for a very reasonable price!
    I don't know what that guy was thinking... he sent along his original receipt with the trade, and the unit is barely 1 month old... and I think he never even plugged it in, the PSU was still unpacked in the box.
    He could probably have returned it to the shop for a full refund, but instead sold it to me for cheap...

    Anyway.... LOVE the pedal as well. It seems to work really well in a mono loop on the Kemper (obviously in front of the amp block).

    Only tested it with one profile so far, a TAF JMC800 on the edge of breakup... sounds KILLER! This is going to be very, very useful shaping tones going forward..

    What Suhr Badger profile was that again? I don't recognize the "AS" prefix for profile vendor?