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    The sound guy plugs an XLR cable into your Kemper Main Output.
    Your Kemper cabinet plugs into the Kemper powered monitor out (red output).
    Set your main output to -12db ( soft button)

    Unlink your main Kemper volume so that you only control your monitor output and not the main output. This way you can control the sound level of your cabinet onstage without affecting the volume at the soundboard.

    Hi, using your RB400 plug the Kemper monitor output into the effects return on the RB400. That way you are bypassing the RB400 pre-amp. Then turn the option on the Kemper to turn off the cabinet on the monitor output. Then plug your RB into a bass cabinet and rock out.

    Yes the bass cabinet will colour your sound as it will be the sound of that cabinet. Try different cabinets to find a suitable setup. Not all cabinets are created equal. Also use the EQ in your monitor outputs to dial in for the room you play.

    If you still prefer the sound of the PA monitor, try adding a small sub to go along with it to handle the low end.

    I owned one several years ago. Played with many profiles, but never edited any of them. Just got a new one and was prepared to dig in. But the manual’s aren’t very clear on what to press/turn to do things. And what had to be done on the profiler versus in Rig Mgr? I need a Kemper for Dummies manual/book. I didn’t see a single book on Amazon.

    Go to the Kemper YouTube channel , they have quite a few videos that take you through many parameters and what they do.

    I usually use my DAW and play my various rigs that I use in a song context. I then adjust the clean/dirty/lead sounds to sit in the mix as you would expect.
    You still should listen and adjust at stage volume as well but you will be closer or good for sure.
    I adjust my output EQ as need for the venue after that.
    I have Kemper set at -12db for FOH

    This latest release has been a nightmare for me, it’s really unstable. Loss of sound, also at times the amp drive just disappears . The only solution is a reboot.
    This is not ideal during a show.
    I have zero faith in using my Kemper now.

    I had a terrible gig with the latest release.
    Using performance mode.
    Sound cut out/stopped working had to reboot three (3) times during a show. Also had a sudden loss of overdrive , had to again reboot twice during a show to solve that.

    I also had a strange issue at boot up where you had no sound and could not switch rigs, even the main knob did not work as I tried to power down and nothing happened. It was all locked up. I had to unplug the Kemper and then restart.

    I have been using Kemper since 2013 and these last few releases have become very unstable, it’s never been like this before. This has become really unacceptable at this point. Hopefully I can go back a few releases to solve all of this. I’m at at point now where I am going to leave my Kemper on the shelf and gig with something else until it becomes stable. Back to tube amps for now.

    So I picked up an Axe Fx II XL unit used. I decided to get it somewhat for curiosity and also as a backup for my Kemper.
    So far I’m enjoying the experience, the synth effect is a nice feature to have.
    Its been fairly easy to operate and especially using the editor.

    I’ll update a bit as I get in some more time with it.

    Anyone else rocking’ this unit?

    Interesting that you went from a digital Kemper to a digital Fender amp :/ I do understand having just one amp and go from there but… you could have easily done the same thing with the Kemper choosing a Fender profile and just use the front knobs to control Bass, Mid, Treble and Reverb. And added pedals.

    But I get that sometimes the simplicity of a traditional amp layout is just easier.

    Glad that you found your amp and sound, those new Fender amps do sound great BTW.

    All the best in your musical journey!

    What is the German or Spanish translation for “Marshall” “Fender” ?

    The writing on the real amps are all In English, how did you ever survive? Lol

    All kidding aside, the user manuals are multi-lingual, so you can go from there.

    I own a pedal that has Japanese writing on it (Belle Epoch) and have no idea how to read it although I did look it up. Makes the pedal unique to me.

    I do see how some things would be easier for you, so I can understand the request. There is always the various language sub forums on this site. So that’s a good place too!

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