More dirt and distortion please.

  • Did you try the triple Rectifier with the gain all the way up?
    Or even some of the Marshall profiles with the gain maxed?
    Diezel, 5150's etc.,??

    You could always also add a boost in front of the amp (like a KPA's Tubescreamer or KPA's RAT).

  • It would be great to have some hi gain profiles with more distortion and dirt,the hi gains so far sound a little tame to me when used for direct recording in metal type stuff.also love to hear more pedals used in profiles.

    Loads more distortion exactly what you don't want when trying to get a huge powerful guitar sound There's some killer profiles already for this kind of thing. Try the diezel and the triple recto that have been uploaded here. There's a few others too that work Great for the type of recording tone you want. Multi track these profiles and they sound huge and powerfull Make sure you have your input gain set correctly just in-case its set too low for your axe