Expression pedal conundrum....

  • Hi all. I've got two Mission expression pedals, and have one set up perfectly. It functions as a wah, which bypasses at the heel position. And if I stomp on the pedal switch, it turns the wah off, and the pedal becomes a volume pedal, which accesses the tuner at heel position. I couldn't be happier with the way it functions. However, it's the second pedal that I'm struggling to get set up correctly. I'd like it to be a morph pedal, and when I stomp down on it, I'd like it to become a pitch pedal. I'm just getting in a mess with the settings. Anyone know the correct setup? Cheers in advance :)

  • Have a look in the system menue and set morph to pitch. Set the pedal to a morph pedal and calibrate. I am not at my kpa till the evening, i check it out this evening. You also have ro assingn the stomp of the pedal right

  • Thanks Eltzejupp. I think that's pretty much what I've set up, or tried to. The problem I'm getting, is when I press on the stomp, it engages pitch control, but doesn't turn of the morphing. I'll have another look.

    Having said that, it enabled me to discover a killer effect by accident. I had a fairly high-gain profile (a Marshall Super Lead 74), and I had the morph pedal increasing the gain. So it was going from clean to scream. When it was increasing pitch at the same time as gain, it was an insanely cool effect. I couldn't find any musical use for it, but my god, it sounder killer :)

  • Hm, dont know, because i am not at my kpa , if it works, but when the pitch effect has a mix paramter you can only use morph by setting the gain and the pitch to morph.

    When there is no mix parameter in pitch effect it didnt work because morph and pitch together need two pedals. The soundidea is cool. My settup is a little diffrent.
    I use a mission for volume and wah
    A moog ep3 to morph
    A second mission as a pitch pedal.