Problem with performance

  • Yesterday i wanted to create a performance. I use 4 higain profiles and one Clean sound profile. In one of these hi gain profile i just rolled off some gain and selected a stompbox in A section. When i then wanted to go through all sound in my performance and see so they were equal loud, every sound had the same stompbox even the Clean sound. If i disable the stompbox from the Clean sound and stored performance, then the stompbox of my first profile with higain was gone too. I dont know if i have done something somewhere in settings but i cant find what i do wrong. I have updated to latest beta FW. Maybe someone understand why this stompbox is global for me and how i can make it right. excuse my lousy English ;(

  • Hi there,

    This is sort of related - Performance Stuff.

    I have a curious situation with my Profiler and Rig Manager.

    I have created a selection of 5 amps and effects - all good.

    I wanted to swap the order of 2 of the amps and this works on Rig Manager but when I go back to the Profiler only the header name has moved - the amps stay in the same order as before. I am probably missing something being eager to get to playing today.