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    Since this is a compressor thread now...😀

    For me it just comes down to the ears and this one sounds the best to me.

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    Is there any noticeable difference between sending the full tone to the stereo effects, THEN applying the high and low in the output, vs applying the cuts before the effects?

    Just as predictable as the recurring breakage with USB Rig Manager communications is with every single firmware revision, so too is the emergence of the Fan Boy Troll patrol as anticipated. As if Paul "Kemper" Revere himself rode through the night to call upon his legions of rats to arise to the surface from their sewer nests. Good evening to you. Welcome and thank you for your absolutely obvious, unintelligent and ignorant useless input.

    The point of these posts is to elevate feedback in a public forum that is actually seen by the company and its developers to not only identify areas of severe inadequacies, but to also share with others who have invested in Kempers hardware that many of us are experiencing the same exact breakages. CONTINUOUSLY with every release - beta or not. Again OP, you are not alone, nor are the countless others in multiple external threads on this same issue, so please feel confident you have brothers in arms. The resolution to this is in Kempers hands who should be aware that if proper Software Development with Cataloged Quality Control was instituted on each revision over the last many years, problems such as this wouldn't even exist to conversate upon. Windows 10 is just about the most proven and thoroughly tested operating system that ever existed in audio production to date. With legacy USB 2.0 as apparent, open, and vetted as white bread. A proper tabled and historic indexed codebase would INCLUDE the past revision fixes for this issue, preventing the same cycle to be repeated over and over again with each firmware release. Year after year. The definition of insanity is repetition of the same actions somehow expecting a different outcome/result. This is that.

    Beta testing should be focused on hammering new feature sets and documenting instabilities with the added code introduced for NEW functions. It should not be about regurgitating the same broken code for USB incompatibility with Rig Manager, of which is NOT broken in its official OS9 release. That individual component surely required no re-writing, and once established should never have to be re-authored again. This rinse repeat that occurs with every single firmware revision where multiple users report Rig Manager disconnects has no justification, whatsoever. PERIOD. It's just bad code development contrary to uneducated rat feedback.

    Kemper, please absorb the comments and seriously consider it. The fact is your incredible technical innovations should not be hampered with sloppiness. Furthermore, to the troll rats who responded, you have a great weekend as I'm confident there are many Youtube videos awaiting your worthless opinions in the comments sections. You guys truly help make the Internet a wonderful place.

    Not everyone has the temperament to be a beta tester, speaking of troll rats...

    Iron Maidens FOH engineer has a newer video that addresses this subject as it applies to them, a very informative and interesting video to watch. His basic setup is pretty much the same as you mentioned...

    Except he knows what he's talking about. 😀

    Slight tangent... I've found that the older I get, the less grip I have with my skin. I've used normal Ultex material since it's been a thing, but I've had to start etching them to get some ridges on there. I usually use .73 sharp tip now and don't like the sound of anything else I've tried for most things.

    I go up to 2.0 and between sharp and normal point depending on the treble response and feel I'm after.

    Anyone use anything like that gorilla snot stuff? Double side tape? 🙂

    I always used to run a Boss graphic EQ as the first pedal on my board back in 1980. At the time I basically had it set so it bumped the treble and cut the low end. I used it on some Police songs and every reggae and soca song.

    Now I use one if I'm using one of my humbucker guitars for crunchy rhythm.

    I hear Friedman and Marshall as different beasts generally. Friedman's have a much tighter top end and generally less vintage sounding to me. Also generally less low end.

    Bogners are also meant to be "like Marshals", but the tone controls on my Shiva were way more effective and the amp had a muscular low mid voice that I love.