Refining profiles....does using multiple guitars/pickups produce better results?

  • Curious...when refining profiles, does using multiple guitars/pickup combinations help or hinder the process? Does it matter? Is it necessary to make different profiles for each guitar?

    Hello Chameleon,

    In answer to first, you do not need to use multiple/different guitars and/or pickup combinations for the profiling process, period. And that includes the "refining" process. The guitar signal does not have a direct affect on the KPA during the refining process (which often is not necessary). However, if one doesn't feel the initial profile is quite accurate, the "refining" procedure gives the KPA more time to refine and match it's original calculated profile (the automatic process with the UFO sounds and sign sweeps) with the reference amp...and particularly at specific frequencies. The fact that the player/author of the profile can take as much time as he likes in refining the profile provides a sense of personal involvement and interaction with what essentially is an automated process.

    In answer to your second, it is not necessary to make different profiles for different guitars. However, you may find you need to adjust the Clean Sense in the Input Menu Paramater, to account for variations in your unique guitar's signal level strength (pickups) that feed the input of the KPA.


  • Official position of kemper as far as I remember is that guitar/pickups don't make a difference in refining.

    I think that it can. Difference can be very slight but I'd say it's worth experimenting. I've had cases where refining with a particular pickup got better results for others guitars as well, where as another didn't work as that good.

  • Some one made a point on a thread I asked about refining profiles that; perhaps if you would EQ or set up your amp in a different way for a certain guitar then you would make a profile of that and store it as '335' or whatever then do one with your 'strat' eq.

    To be honest I think most people would knock off a bit of bottom end for a humbucker guitar and perhaps knock the gain down slightly both of which you could do with any profile anyway. In real life though on stage people aren't always tweaking their amps when they're changing guitars so I think it's possible to overthink this once we know that the guitar doesn't matter when profiling.