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    My wish list for today...

    Stage Profiler

    • A way to auto-start the looper when you begin playing.
    • A multi-band dynamic EQ, so you can eliminate problem resonances/frequencies (like palm mutes, etc.).
    • New overdrive pedals...Tim, Klon, Big Muff, BD2 Blues Driver, etc.
    • The ability to profile an overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal and store it in the pedals section would be mind-blowingly awesome, but probably can't be done. Oh well. One can dream.

    Rig Manager

    • All root folders show EVERYTHING within subfolders.
    • More levels of subfolders.
    • The ability to remember/save column settings (width, order, etc.).
    • A simple, easy way to reject/hide one or more rigs and/or authors and NEVER have to see them again.
    • A list of available cabinets (including IRs)
    • A simple way to tell if a profile is Studio or Merged.
    • It would be nice if profiles had some sort of visual EQ curve, so you could do a search and find similar sounding profiles by sonic "signature". Like a button for "Find More Like This". Or even "Find More Like This" but brighter/darker/more gain/less gain, etc.

    FYI...while waiting for a response here, I received one from Fryette directly and wanted to share...

    "The new PS-2 sports a front panel Input Level sensitivity switch. This helps make high powered NMV amps more controllable.
    A rear panel Low Pass Filter Bypass switch allows you to deactivate the output filter that shaves off any annoying top end information generated by a raw cranked amp.
    A transformer isolated Balanced XLR Line Output makes direct recording easier and more convenient.
    Otherwise they are identical."

    Hope that helps anyone in the same boat as me. :)

    ...Between 4) and 5) I would do a test recording...

    Agree 100%.

    Before each profiling session, I cue up Logic (my DAW) and import a couple CD guitar reference tracks for comparison.

    Then I mic up my rig and make some test recordings, comparing my sound against the studio recordings.

    Once I'm happy with the test recording I go through the profiling process.

    Then I A/B the profile with my original direct recorded track, the profile and the CD reference track.


    If I am understanding your post, I had EXACTLY the same problem. I found that the KPA did not do a satisfactory job of profiling DI amps IMO. I even posted sound clips and images of the frequency response curve to show that I was not imagining the results. CK said that profiling DI produced the same excellent results that you would get by profiling an entire rig, but my ears and eyes beg to differ. I never really found a solution.

    My post was entitled: "My findings using the KPA as a DI solution"...specifically check out the images on post #15. The frequency response chart shows the same high end cutoff that you are talking about.

    Here's the link:
    My findings using the KPA as a DI solution

    BTW, I ran into the same problem awhile back....I wasn't very happy with the results at all. It didn't seem there was really a solution for really nailing a preamp-only profile (although CK and the other forum members were very helpful) so I kinda gave up on the idea.

    I posted some clips showing my experiences under the thread "Lack of PUNCH using monitor out and power amp/cab".…page=Thread&threadID=4309

    Also more of my findings in the thread "My findings using the KPA as a DI solution".…page=Thread&threadID=4680

    Dunno if that will help, but I would love to know if any new information on how to do this successfully has become available.

    That's not what you said when CK changed the monitor out a few firmwares said it was awesome and "fixed".
    Before you shell out for an Axe, wait for NAMM.

    True, you got me on that one! :rolleyes:

    After working with it on stage over the course of a few months afterwards, I felt differently. Actually I didn't like it live at all. :pinch:

    I guess I'm too much of an amp-in-room guy to change. :S

    Wait for NAMM?!?!?! Now that just hurts! hahaha :D