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  • Input settings - I saw your thread and thought to myself 'in the 2 months I've owned the KPA I have never messed with these settings' Is there a general principle or better yet a video to follow basic guidelines for this? I run an EVH Wolfie and a Strat with hard rock and crunch and sometime clean for the strat tones and find getting my noise gate just right is crucial.

    Your thread however, made me think if set closer to ideal I may not have to gate so hard.
    Thanks for any info!


    • Well the trouble is if you read further on in that thread that I found the input sens settings are actually amp output settings (despite where they’re located)! So they don’t adjust the volume of the guitar going in to the fx section. If you use gating after the amp block then it may affect things otherwise you should instead consider using a stomp that reduces volume before your gate stomp perhaps instead.

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