Major EQ Changes between Main Out, Monitor Out, Headphone Out

  • Cheers,

    Just got a Powered Kemper Head + Remote second-hand. Updated the firmware, but noticed a few issues when using the main out through a BOSE L1 Compact PA:

    1. the highs were very unpleasant at higher volumes (enough to play over dums), although I set them up at a reasonably high volume (about 50% of what would be necessary to play with a drummer)
    2. the BOSE had way more high end than a regular guitar cab (with a Celestion 70/80, which is a bright speaker)
    3. same with unpleasant highs when using headphones
    4. when using the monitor out vs the main out in the BOSE, the monitor had tons more highs and was unplayable

    To note:

    1. Monitor output EQ and Main output EQ are identical, unchanged
    2. Rig EQs were stock (MBritt profiles, clean and medium gain)
    3. All profiles sound brilliant at medium volumes on the guitar cab and the BOSE (except for headphones, those are just piercingly high), but once I crank up the PA volume the highs go crazy. With the guitar speaker it's just normal... what I'm used to
    4. I play a Tele
    5. Monitor cab simulation is on for outputs when using the PA

    I have a gig on Friday, and I'm not sure of how to set things up so that it doesn't sound horrible.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance

  • You should ALWAYS tweak your tones at gig volume. What sounds good at low or medium volume can sound very different at gig volume (this isn’t just with the Kemper, it’s Fletcher Munson and it applies to all audio).

    Have you tried other MBritt profiles? Again, some sound great, some not so much. I do trust MBritt profiles more than any other.

    Also, this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt, it I think Bose PA systems are absolute garbage for electric guitar. My Kemper sounds amazing with the profiles I have on it, but I’m almost positive even those would sound awful through a Bose system (harsh, brittle high end with way too much lows).

    I’d try a good FRFR monitor between now and the gig if you can. Yamaha DXR series would work (the 15 is my favorite). But remember, even with those, you need to tweak your profiles at gig volume.

  • SUGGESTION: allow you , if possible, a period of time to adjust your sound before you go on stage, it sounds like you unpack the kemper , download a free rig from Britt and get on stage the next day...

    I think great sound needs experience and fine tuning. If you take a month to adjust that's fine if your sounds are good after. But if you sound like s-- and go on stage right away it doesn't help your reputation

    On the other sides maybe I am too slow here. I fine tune my rigs since 4 months I put money on the side for a super expensive cab . But I can tell you that when I will FINALLY go on stage it will sound super good coz every problem has been fixed before with great attention for details... I wanna hear my fellow musician says: Hey man you sound very good ! (This is not luck and its been accomplished with time and patience)

    Good luck