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    WHAT ????? I am talking about the Kemper here, not about the Iphone. If you wanna talk about the Iphone go on a Iphone Forum. I dont talk about your frustration about the album sales situation, and I still buy albums. Who are you to judge me here? I buy rigs every week . I download sound on rig exchange . I fine tune my sounds and I dont sell or re-sell anything . Now tell me why you dare to judge my ethic here in a negative way !!! And I wont let you insult me here and say I got no ethic . I just reported the content of what you wrote to the administration. You wont attack my reputation here man Waiting for your excuse ... This is really rude man !!! I even think of quiting this Forum if they let people being insulted that way . I am really p--- now !

    Hello all. Looking at adding a new guitar to the stable. I want to get to the point where I only have one guitar as the primary and play it for all gigs. I feel that this will help in weeding out profiles and get me away from tweaking stuff. I'm playing mostly praise music with some classic rock and alternative stuff on the side. I really like the Suhr Classic Pro HSS because I feel the Humbucker in the bridge gives me the best option for versatility. Problem is, I can't seem to find the one I want in stock. For $2150 I really want the combination that I have in mind which is Surf Green, Maple Neck with HSS Configuration. I've looked everywhere and just can't find it. I thought about settling for the SSS Pickup Configuration but was wondering if they will provide enough grit for playing heavy rhythm stuff (not metal). Anyone have good success with Kemper and Suhr single coils?

    You got $2150 and you can't find a Suhr guitar? (Classic Pro HSS) Is it an old model that is not available anymore?

    Use M Britt profiles. They are gig ready and all about the same volume.

    I am sorry but I use ALL rigs (Tone Junkie Selah Britt etc etc etc etc ) plus the best I find here on RE. And I ADJUST my volume after. I wont consider buying only Britt coz the volume is pre adjusted. This is more than lazy. I get an open mind. I keep on finding the BEST profiles I can from ALL sources, adjusting the volume is a simple details and this is not a consideration when I buy (I by rigs once a week and I find gold everywhere)

    Yeah, well, even if there were no issues legally or ethically, I don't want profiles made with IR's.

    Now wait a minute, Nightlight, mister Ethic ... . I paid 3K to buy a Kemper and I am willing to try anything and hear AND USE anything that sounds good Whether it is paid stuff , (I buy rigs every week) or exchange on this community or IR or my own profiles I created or profiles I bought and transformed. I dont wanna be bothered by anyone about ethic, my ethic is the $3000 I paid to get the basic stuff and I continue to invest cash to buy things around it, profiles pedal, remote, cab etc. So dont bother me with ethic , I pay for that I use it the way I want . PERIOD

    The play it is played on the first exemple is different than the second (forget the delay I just talk about the way its played (before the delay) its played differently on the first exemple and THATS WHY the delay reaction is different. I man the number of plucked notes is different... So listen carefully youll get my point Good luck

    I'm not trying to cut the tail. I just want the repeats to not fade in volume. Are you suggesting that after every line I play I should be pressing a button to achieve this? Care to point me towards this button and it's oh so obvious location?

    Well I tried to help you but remember I am a just a user on a Forum... no a tech working for Kemper trying to fulfill your garantee after selling you a Kemper. So please dont be rude with me

    I gave up on dragging and dropping..The import function isn't working properly. .....It will not allow me the option to import from my folders.... When I click on "import" It pulls up folder choices that I do not will not recognize Zip file folders for some reason, even after I create a new folder and copy all of the rigs into that folder... I am going to try the thumbdrive approach (Loading onto a thumbdrive and then installing directly form there..) .

    Its really abnormal that you cannot drag you cannot even import.... (Unless you got a Commodore 64) Can you unzip ? coz there is no reason to get a ''zip file folder ''as you say. Just have a folder with unzipped profiles on it ...

    Can you rent another Kemper and test it and compare with yours? ? it will answer all your question. In my town we can rent Kemper for one day so my solution is based on a realistic way (if by chance you got a friend with a Kemper you can borrow it for the same test)

    Anybody else ever feel like MBritt profiles feel "distant" or "behind" the amp at all? I'm playing through a Suhr Alt T Pro with Thornbucker pickups (PAF style pups) and a Gemini 1-P cab. I've found myself to enjoy Selah Sounds profiles the best as I feel they are VERY versatile and seem to be the most responsive. However, I'd really like to use some of MBritts profiles but most all of them feel, as I said, somewhat distant. Is there a cab setting I need to adjust to help compensate for more of a "real" amp feel?

    I can get examples of which specific profiles feel this way later, but currently I am not in front of my profile.

    Britt is good Selah is good and thats all there is for me. I buy profiles every week from all different cies and use it depending of the project I work on

    You promote yourself and toot how good you are more than answering the question of the author of this thread who got bad results and wants help . End of the discussion with me in the future (Block so I wont see or read your answer)

    Well that's exactly what I was doing before I came to post here.

    It just seems like such an obvious feature has been missed out. Basically a knob that stops the repeats from fading out. None of the other parameters do that as far as I can tell.

    Lol, I did actually consult the manual but that was of little help solving this particular issue. I'm gonna dive in again now, and try some of these suggestions as well as trying the delay before the Amp section instead of after.

    Well cut the REVERB TAIL there is a button for that and its obvious like an elephant in the room. I'm sorry but man....