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  • Hey, just want to say (away from the other thread) that I didn’t mean to ‘slam’ you at all - I thought you expressed yourself fairly and reasonably and have no problem with anything you said. We have slightly different opinions but that’s absolutely ok with me and the way you contributed was absolutely fine with me. ?

    • Coolio, and thanks for saying that. Much appreciated.

      I honestly wanted to defend you as much of the comments became very personal very quickly.

      Anyway, you and I are all good bud.

    • I saw that you were doing that and appreciated it, but I was trying to avoid it escalating so didn’t really acknowledge your the goodwill in your comments. Glad we’re good, all the best man.

  • Sorry dude, had a look and they are lost in my plethora of rigs. They weren't marked so I can;t find them...sorry. I will ask the tour manager who I bought it off but I think its unlikely...

  • Hi Paul just to let you know not had a chance to look yet and out tonight so I'll try to look tomorrow..

  • I am interested in Andy James profiles if you stil have :)
    Regards Paul

    • I'll have a look. Just not sure if they were actually marked as his. I'll try to look tonight...

    • Thanks :)