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    Yeah, for me, I either need this distortion sense thing to be set up the right way, or I need to duplicate all of my performances/rigs and then adjust them for my 2nd guitar. I'm one of the rare breeds that only carry 2 guitars to gigs. For the longest time, I was only carrying one. But I need a backup given the nature of our shows (weddings and events). I'm using a Guthrie Govan Signature Charvel as my main, and my second is a Suhr Custom Classic S Antique with pickups that aren't as hot as the Guthrie. So if I break a string on the Guthrie, I need to be able to switch to the Suhr and have it be pretty close to the Guthrie in terms of the gains. So the only way for me to do that is either getting the DS fixed, or setting up an entirely new set of performances. I feel like the DS is the best option and will be more efficient in the end because if going forward, I want to make a change to one of my rigs' effects or whatever, I'll only need to make it in one as opposed to both sets of performances if I don't use the DS.

    I always take 2 guitars as well. Are the differences THAT significant between the 2 that for an emergency you need new performances? That was my point.

    Conversely, others seem to have preset inputs for their guitars but some it must be possible.

    Another option is to add a gain stomp to each slot that is unselected and just add IF you had to change guitar. Yes bit more tap dancing BUT it is only in the case of an emergency.

    I have a more simple answer....take your KPA to an audio shop and try out various unpowered FRFR...that's what I did and found the one I like the most.

    BTW I switched from a 4x12 to a passive FRFR which was way better...until I got a Kabinet which is way better....but you have to invest time in every monitoring solution as you will have tweaked your sound based upon your previous solution.

    Just switching will not necessarily sound better. For example, when I switched from my 4x12 to FRFR, I realized that my profiles were really bad. I had tweaked them so much to compensate for the mid heavy cabinet. I could have easily blamed the FRFR but it was actually the 4x12 that was at fault. Once I tried different profiles, my world lit up!

    Cool. Thanks guys. I'll now begin an hour-long episode of cursing the previous owner of this Kemper while I reset the DS, gains and rig volumes. But at least going forward I'll have the unit set up the way it should be for multiple guitars. Appreciate the help!

    Dude - TBH with you I get your confusion as I have never really understood Distortion and clean sense - I probably could if I bothered to read about it, but...and here's my you really need to adjust it?

    I have never touched mine in 9 years. TBH I tend to use different guitars for different songs and so I have the rigs set up for those. For example, I use a Les Paul and a White Falcon. I have a performance set up for the Gibson and one of the Gretsch, but that also includes other changes to those songs.

    In my other bands, my backup guitars are so similar its not needed. So only really if you switch between a single coil and humbucker equipped would it really show up....perhaps my bands are too one dimensional :)

    If I broke a string, I would switch performances OR I would put up with the slight mismatch for a set. For me, it would not be worth having 4 performances to cross cover any issues....does that make ( distortion) sense?

    In my mind its an over engineered solution ( one of the rare cases in the Kemper). I would just really think about if you need to re-set everything for that rare occurance..

    Just my opinion...

    Difficult to tell. Its either as BayouTexan said you did something inadvertantly, a software error that has cleared itself or a physical problem with those butttons that has just started.

    I think if it happens again, you do need to go through some basic diagnostics to see if you can narrow it down, otherwise you will continue to worry.

    Long press both Delay and Reverb buttons makes no difference. Both buttons are not lit (of course not in RM too) but any rig is full of delay and reverb, whether button is lit or not...

    So I'm really start thinking too about a serious problem. Buying a new Kemper? Since my 10 years of having my Kemper I never have heard anything about a specific repairshop for the Kemper. And I need my Kemper for doing gigs. And now it abandones me...

    Woah, unlikely to be a physical problem as the buttons are switching the lights on and off, so more likely to be a software or user/setup issue.

    So couple of questions:

    1) Can you eliminate reverb and delay or ANY profiles?

    2) Can you switch off any other effects?

    3) How are you monitoring? Have you tried other monitoring e.g. headphones? If it is headphones, make sure space isn't enabled

    I love tele's....thats very nice!

    The ear bit at the moment is a sensitive issue :) _ I am in the smae year league as Ozzie and Plant ..... so you can Imagine. Maybe its me ears :) - But changing a few things as suggested certainly seems to have helped . Thank you for your time

    Understand dude. You will know if its your ears if all sounds are like that and from any other amp.

    Hope you get it sorted :)

    My ears are also quite old, I have played a passive Kabinet since release with a powered rack live with hi gain sounds and definitely have no hollow sound, so Im fairly sure it is a global setting issue.

    Before you go into eq-ing, you need to check some basics, eg output settings.

    As mentioned, give more detail on your set up.

    The most issues I have with iem are related bone conduction when singing. But that‘s a different issue and we‘re highjacking the thread 😂.

    I think I‘ll give it a try at our next rehersal weekend, where we set up the whole PA. But I‘m not relying on that, so everything is fine. Was just a thought.

    Personally I would not mix the 2. The temptation, which I have seen many times is to have 1 ear in and 1 out, which is more damaging than both out.

    A lot of in ear monitors are voiced with too much of a scoop, or overly bright top end. Once I got the out front sound right, it was a gentle roll off from 4k upwards with a 6db curve for the in ears feed from the Kemper (not for FoH).

    Im not sure its a pure eq issue but I hear (get it?) what you are saying :)

    I also rely on IEM only, but am thinking of bringing an extra monitor for some speaker-strings interaction. Can be very helpful, if you‘re as mediocre as I am 😂.

    TBH I think unless you want specific controlled feedback, this is overkill and creates balance issues. Personally I struggle IEM's but the benefits are huge

    That....and if you listen to a LOT of famous guitar tones in isolation, they often sound horrible. No bottom, harsh....kind of ewe.

    In a mix? They sound incredible.

    Whatever you do, try to hear your guitar in the context of a song being performed. It may sound like trash, but it might sound phabulous.

    Double yes!!

    As the first responder said; dial you live tones LIVE, at volume, that’s the key.

    Mbritt profiles do it for me

    They sound dull and lifeless in my desk, but come alive at gig levels

    I think it has something to do with the Fletcher Munson curve….


    Now that you say that its funny because when I hear the recordings from peoples phones.. the guitar sounds really good.. It's the experience Im having behind the speakers.. haha.. it's so hard to explain


    Back in the day, we never worried about a difference in sound because we only had 1 solution...cranked amp with a mic. We didn't really know how that translated FOH. As mentioned it will sound different. You are not used to it sounding different because you are used to an amp kicking out as your monitor

    So what is the answer? Well some thoughts from someone that ONLY uses their KPA live and I only play with higher gain sounds:

    1) Profiles are king - you have to try different profiles. I found a fantastic heavy hi gain Marshall....really fat sounding....played it as a disappeared. My more "cutty sound, which is weaker recorded on its own, does work so well live. Therefore try different profiles at rehearsal with the band. You will start to tune into what works best. Start with basic ones such as Mbritt...which I didn't like but live at volume they take on a different meaning!

    2) All monitoring solutions are slightly different. a head rush will sound different to a Kabinet, to a guitar cab etc. Therefore tuning your sounds to record will be different to live. This is not an issue with the Kemper, its physics and applicable to all sound sources - we were just less aware of this previously

    3) Listen to other people first. I wasn't convinced in my sound from my Kemper at first but I can truly say I have never had so many compliments since getting it.