Kemper and cab

  • Hey guys,

    For someone using a Kemper only at home: is it preferred to use studiomonitors or does a powered Kemper+ cab give the best 'amp in room' results?

    Does a powered Kemper with cab makes sense for a bedroom player?


  • Hey...

    i have tried a lot in the past. Here my suggestion for you. If you only use your Kemper at home then i will highly recommend you a unpowered Kemper and active Studiomonitors to get the Stereo or Mono Sound. Depending on your Budget you will find excellent monitors from Yamaha, (HS 8 oder HS 7) Adam and Neumann. At home I use the Neumann KH 120a and the Stereo Sound ist fantastic. This Monitors are not cheap but worh every cent....

    A powered Kemper with Cab make no sense if you only use it at home at the moment and in the future. To get the best out of the kemper you need a FRFR Cab. If you use for example a 1x12 passive cab for mono sound then you can also use the powered kemper to power this. With a non powered kemper you can find also active FRFR cabs.

    It depends of your taste if you use a FRFR Cab oder Monitors. both is OK but with studio monitors you can get the best sound for your home.

  • I think guitar cabs and speakers need higher volumes to develop their resonance and sound. For me the feeling is more the tipical real amp, just for using a guitar cab, dispersion..i dont know why but it is very different.

    If you want to record, it makes a lot more sense an frfr monitor.

    If your only priority is enjoy playing and you are able to play more or less loud in your house then I would go to guitar cab, all rigs sound a lot more similar, specially with vintage30, but the dispersion, attack, and bass ressonance is the real deal experience.

    But people get used to frfr. And in your case is a better choice. It depends on your tastes and experience playing. For record and mixing frfr 100%.

  • Here's the sweet thing directly related to the OP: one can have both, either with a powered KPA or added amp to cab AND outs to monitors. I often play with both on for both wider tonal range AND/OR recording. Connectivity flexibility. :-)

  • I actually had to look up FRFC. It's an interesting concept to use this sort of speaker in a live situation, something I'd never considered.

    I'm used to wiring a Marshall to a 4x12 and let there be rock, as the limited response of my Vintage 30s are part of the sound. However, the profiles typically already contain a guitar type cabinet's influence, so then it becomes a matter of faithfully reproducing the end result.

    Thus far I've gone back and forth between the toaster into the 4x12 and sitting in the control room listening to the main outs -> SSL pres -> studio monitors. I've certainly been struck in certain cases by the level of detail I'm hearing in the control room. In fairness, I haven't done an A/B between that and the 4x12 but I wouldn't expect the Marshall cab to do what the studio monitors do.

    I also haven't plugged in my IEMs, which happens this evening. I'm currently shopping for a new band so all my time is spent in the studio. When I'm in the live room, that's how I'd worked even pre-Kemper - mic the guitar, hit play on Cubase and work to the mix of the entire song from the comfort of the IEMs. While they're not going to be as full range as studio reference monitors, they certainly give more than a guitar cabinet.

    While I'll probably work IEMs in whatever the next band thing is, with a small 1x12 for thump and pickup interaction, I find the idea of a guitar amp / Kemper into FRFC speakers to be intriguing. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks.