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    Smiled the second I hit the first chord. :) Thanks for your time & work in getting this awesome sounding profile to the Kemper Community. Much appreciated!

    It would require you to use Teamviewer to "remote into your PC". You would still be using a PC/Mac to control your KPA (Kemper Profiling Amp) - still a lot of connections if you ask me. Latency also becomes a factor. I'm only saying this as a retired I.T. professional.

    Thank You! ...that's what I was presuming, however, open to the idea I'd missed something and could make it work sans PC.

    iOS connectivity (cabled or not) would be an awesome addition to our incredible product.

    Have successfully had RM2 installed on a Win10 Toshiba tablet. Attempting to install RM3 beta results in message:

    "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."


    A quick search shows post #639 (NAMM 2019) referencing this cool feature, however, I'd think people would be interested in discussing as a subject. I play watching this (along with the live Wachen feed) and think it's really cool. Yep: geek.

    BTW...Tone Junkie's 65 Deluxe Verb V5 and my Faded SG are bliss this fine Saturday morning.

    Nice find. Thanks for posting. I’ve no idea on answering your question, though.

    Is there a soft button at the left mike this? Hitting that toggles category or type.

    There's a soft button for toggling TYPE<->CATEGORY and it seems to change. The knobs below TYPE, CATEGORY, PRESET are not scrolling the above list, though. Only way the preset changes on the hardware is turning the BROWSE knob and it scrolls through the PRESET column.

    Did you update to RM 2.3 beta? As soon as I did, the factory presets appeared in RM. Similar to Rig packs.

    They're there, however, cannot be selected/loaded. On the hardware I can scroll through the PRESET column, however, not CATEGORY or TYPE, as seen when CK demo'd. The rows are there and the implementation very welcome, just not working properly for me currently.

    Is FACTORY PRESETS soft button available for anyone else? Manual says it should be there, however, it's not on mine.

    I installed through RM, updating RM software first, then firmware. I'm on Win7 PRO.

    ...One thing I definitely appreciate about the Kemper organization is that my unit after 6 years is better than when I received it. If you look at every other competitor, their models have either been discontinued or made obsolete. ..

    This is what brought me back to the Kemper and I'm hopeful will continue. Excellent hardware which remains viable in an ever-changing (by the second it often seems) hardware/software world.

    Here's the sweet thing directly related to the OP: one can have both, either with a powered KPA or added amp to cab AND outs to monitors. I often play with both on for both wider tonal range AND/OR recording. Connectivity flexibility. :)

    And, any KPA, from the earliest production release to now, can be upgraded to the current software, and have the same functionality.

    This is HUGE for me and I hope remains as such. There's nothing guitar related this HARDWARE does not do for me and to have it obsoleted by software - as so much hardware is anymore - will be absolutely, maddeningly, devastating. Aside from the hardware taking a crap, it's really my only Kemper "concern".

    Context comparison. Play along with drums and bass through monitors, in a mix, versus thinking of it in terms of amp in the room.

    My second time 'round with the Kemper (stupidly sold my first one) has been with a powered version, which I typically "monitor" through a Mojotone Canyon w/Celestion V-Type (sounds excellent); however, it's also connected (via Steinberg UR44) to a couple Dynaudio BM5's through which I can actually monitor it on its own, via a DAW and/or with SD3 in more of a mix environment and things take on a different timbre: the beauty of a Kemper (or other similar device).

    It's all a matter of context.