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  • Hi. I am also struggling with Gemini and now the new GM IO. Last year I bought the Gemini 1 (powered version) for use with my Kemper. It has always sound big, warm...is, but "woofy", and I can't dial that out. I have put a lot of hours into adjustments, but this cabinet is just too woofy, bassy, and as noted below, can sound "simulated". And it's too heavy for me to lug around (almost 50lbs). So, I forked out the money to buy the new GM IO. I plugged in yesterday and this morning and I'm totally disappointed. I thought it would sound close to the Gemini 1 but less woof and bass. Instead if flat, sterile, not bottom end at all, and sounds like I'm playing through an "AM Radio" filter. Ugh. I'm going to work with it this weekend to see what I can dial in, but my first impression is bad and if I can't dial it in, I'm going to return it. I love the small package, looks, and weight (29lbs), which is perfect. But the sound is pretty bad so far. I'll report back.

  • Hi, If you own or are familiar with the Gemini, I'd like to ask for your help. I just bought a Gemini 1. Its powered at 110w. Problem is it sounds like total ass. Let me explain. When using it with my Kemper full FRFR mode it sounds like a speaker sim being played through a guitar speaker, so spkr+spkr. Turn off the cab on the kemper and its horrible fizzy direct tone. If I turn the empower knob a hair off frfr It sounds like spkr+spkr + woofy mud. It only gets worse the more I turn down the empower knob. (even with cab sim off) I am connecting the Kemper main out xlr to the Gemini. I am using High Quality profiles.(M.Britt,Micheal Wagner,Kemper.etc) Is there a setting on the Kemper that I need to be aware of,for running frfr? I've gone through the output section,but have found nothing to fix this issue. Thanks Bobby

    • you have to switch cab on and be sure that you have the right setting in the output menu

      masters stereo should be set to main output

    • Thanks for your reply, All settings are as you say they should be.I have tried some ownhamer IR's it does sound a bit better, but still sounds boomy muddy spkr into spkr effect.

  • Hi, digbob

    I believe it is 5.0.3
    Thank you very much!

    [email protected]

    • You believe it is the Kemper update that has messed me up ?