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  • By the way, didn't want to clutter the new guitar thread with (too much) OT rambling, but I did want to say thanks for your experience and perspective as a card carrying member of the PRS cult (I'm sure the logo has something to do with a headless unicorn).

    I've had the CU24 for a couple of weeks now, brought it to some rehearsals, and all I can say is Holy Unicorn (somehow a cow doesn't seem appropriate). This is an excellent and versatile guitar, exactly what I was hoping for, and the two mini toggles instead of the hardwired blade switch has really been handy. Really amazed at the middle position sounds I'm getting. That's someplace I've never, ever enjoyed on two humbucker guitars, but this thing sounds different and every combination is usable.

    I wouldn't have been surprised if my 20 year old McCarty lost some of its sheen as I play with the new toy, but the 85/15s are a bit hotter and there's a clarity to the overdrive sounds I get from the McCarty that still make me reach for it. I do like the 85/15s, but now I'm playing with RM trying to find similar overdrive sounds for them that don't lose that bit of crispness. I'm not sure what style of music you play, but do you use any of the M Britt Friedmans? I'd be interested in your take on that.

    I did notice that the CU is a helluva lot more comfortable on my right forearm than the McCarty. I don't know if the recarve just isn't as pronounced or it's something about the angle that my arm lays over it, but I don't feel the edge poking me like the McCarty. Still getting the occasional bruises that I never got with Strats, but I'll just call the battle scars and be happy.

    Not that I'm planning on buying another PRS anytime soon (my credit card still hasn't regained its structural integrity), but I was curious if you had a link to your collection. I'm seriously close to hunting unicorns. These guys make an exceptional guitar.

    • Hi Chris,

      Really glad to hear you are bonding with the PRS. I'm done with any other brand, except maybe a Tele one day.

      I don't have a single link to the harem but I can give you a link to each one.

      2009 305

      2018 594 soapbar

      2017 594 Wood library

      2001 McCarty

      2008 Mira

      2012 P22

      2009 SE ONE

      2018 Silver Sky

      I do have a performance dedicated to MB BE50 that I like a lot. I play mostly classic style rock, rhythm guitar.

      Welcome to the Kool aid stand... it's good!

    • Wow, that's quite the collection. Your McCarty is gorgeous, much prettier than mine (but both are 2001s). The Silver Sky is also quite the looker, but my Strats glared at me so I had to close the picture quickly. I'd have to sell my Vette to afford all the PRS guitars you have!

      I wish you were in the states, I have that blue American Special Tele I'm going to sell. Beautiful guitar, just can't bond with it. Still not sure why. There's something about the neck that just isn't comfortable to me. But the little $300 Chinese Fender Tele has a neck that I love. I'm half tempted to strip all the crap hardware off, put good stuff on it and run with that guitar, but I know better. Fortunately, for now I only have eyes for the CU24.

      Yeah, I love the MB BE50s. For most of the classic rock rhythm stuff they're the first thing I reach for. There's a Cantrell from Top Jimi that I like for Whitesnake's Still of the Night, and some vintage MB Marshalls for old Free stuff, I usually just grab those BE50s. I particularly like the ones with the Klon in front, forget the number.

      At least the Kool Aid stand doesn't give me a hangover like tequila. It just melts my credit cards. Fortunately Uncle Sam picked up the tab for this one, so I'm just pretending I didn't actually spend any money...

    • Well I shop for good deals used, and I have patience... so you could get a goodly amount of my collection by selling a Vette... and I'm talkin' Chevette. Bwahahahahaha.

      My PRS drug addiction started in 2010 when attending the first Dweezil Zappa band camp in NY. Piles of open cases with killer PRS in them that you could just pick up and play. Never seen them before and I was blown away. I won an SE ONE there and that was it. I was going to look for an EC strat, but found the 305 instead. Never looked back.

      The Silver Sky is effing amazing I tells ya. Not a bad tone to be found. Neck is killer, and fit and finish as expected. It goes to gigs with the 594 soapbar a lot! My lead player wants to steal the Silver Sky, it's his fav of the lot.

      Are you in Cali? I was born in San Mateo. Hopped on my tricycle at 4 y/o and headed north.



    • I actually owned a Chevette once. Shifted hard from 2nd to 3rd and the shifter came out in my hand. Given the bruises on my arm from playing rock, perhaps there's a pattern in here somewhere.

      I saw the picture of you winning the guitar. You clearly have outstanding karma, although it's kinda like someone giving you a bag of heroin for free. Perhaps it's a mixed blessing.

      As a lifelong Strat guy, I'm just closing my eyes, plugging my ears and walking right past that Silver Sky. I have 80s Strats that are perfectly respectable as Fenders go. I don't need another one. And I've almost got myself convinced of that, too.

      I'm in Atlanta, Georgia, almost as far from your locale as I can get unless I move back to Florida. Beyond some road time and a few years in NY, I've lived mostly in the southeastern states. Although I actually have a half inch scar on my left foot from wiping out on a tricycle in my youth.

      Yeah, there's definitely a pattern here...

    • Dude... Chris...

      That's NOT how GAS works! Yeesh... you're supposed to get a Silver Sky and sell the 80s Strats!

      That's how GAS works!

      Mwahahahaha... evil laughter...

  • Hey buddy!

    Did you ever receive the Stealth? Or did you send it back?

    • Indeed I did.

      I find that it has maybe 15 - 20% more power on tap over the Camplifier 290, but I'm still doubtful about it having enough headroom for a gig. I can't wait for practice to start again in our studio so I can make a proper determination.

    • Yep, cranking it at home is a no-no :)

      Well, we shall see... Let us know when you do put it through the test.

      Peace and stay safe

  • Hi!

    I saw in a post that you are using XiTone MBritt powered cab and are thinking about installing the kone. Is that a straight forward could a knowledgeable amp repair store that I use in chicago be able to do the replacement. I've tried contact mick at xitone several times but no response. Any thoughts you'd like to share would be much appreciated... Thanks! Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      No reply from Mick for me either yet.

      I was going to try doing it myself. Should be 4 screws and two push on connectors to the speaker. I think position 1 on the DSP selector is FRFR so that should work, but this is me guessing. Perhaps I should contact the amp maker (Dayton Audio).

      Hopefully I'll get some info soon, but I can't even buy the Kone in Canada yet.

    • Thanks for the reply! I hope it's a simple replacement and will work as intended. If you don't mind I'd appreciate you letting me know what you find out. Hopefully you'll be able to purchase soon. I'm waiting until I know it'll work...I'm in no rush...I love my current tones... but who doesn't love tweaking, geeking and finding THE tone...

    • You bet! I'll share whatever I find out... now all I need is for someone to respond.

    • I am going to attempt the same thing here. I have the xitone Mbritt model also with the Dayton amp I believe. I would love a how to on how to swap the Kone if yours is successful. I got my Kone yesterday and put it in an Avatar 1 12 cab powered by a PS 170 . Really sounds great using the imprints in the Kemper so I am encouraged . I ordered the 2 pack Kone yesterday and was going to install them in a 212 cab I have but was thinking the xitone would be a great all in one solution if it works.

    • No idea when mine's coming. Don't have a ship date or tracking number yet. So you're welcome to try it out. Looks like 11 screws to remove the grille, 4 screws for the speaker, and push on connectors to me.