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    I use (mostly) each performance as a single amp across all 5 slots.

    I go from clean first slot to high gain in the 5th slot generally.

    I keep the effects pretty much the same per performance.

    This lets me choose a different guitar, and still able to find the right tone for it.

    Another performance may have some ambient effects, and/or a different amp.

    Seems to be the way I've settled in...

    thanks i will usde tghe link you sent me . and yes, the Kemper is connected through USB to my Mac and has the latest updates installed ( im prety sure. IM bad ewith computers and have been a Marshall user over 40 years. Im new to technology but when i hooked uo the USB, the Kemper seems to have updated itself which took quite a few minutes. Then the remote was intemittent. I weas told to buy a new cable and it was left up to me to determine if its the cable or the Remote itself . SO i spent. $50 which i lose, and this is to test to see if its the problem.. . Sometimes when i morph w the pedal (learned on video how to program) it is morphing but the display in ther rig manager doesnt go from red to blue, however the morph feature will still work . So i reboot , which takes like a minute, and then it usually brings the display back in coordination with the pedal. And the whole time the Rig Manager may lock up randomly, or loses my Kemper even though im on my 3rd usb connector and it works wit😳h every other device in my studio. So bottom line im wasting hours troubklew shooting instead of practicing for gigs and im getting frustrated and i just dont know what to do. Then i come here for solutions and get told i need to read manuals when the things that are happening are abnormals... So i, try t😳he lini and thanks. I really love the machine just wish i knew wha was wrong..

    Understood mate. I'm sure support will assist in sorting out the issue!

    Like the title says, Ive owned a kemper since before the remote. Great piece of gear. Only complaint is not having the simplicity of the all in one unit like the stage so I finally got one. What are some best practices for owning two kempers ? How does one sync both units in terms of Performances and rigs ? Can the units be synced and have other differences like the reassignment of looper switch and output settings etc ? Any other useful tips ?

    I ended up getting a second unpowered head unit.

    The one I keep at home is the test/play unit, and the one at the practice studio is the production/gig unit.

    When I am happy with the changes I make on the home unit I back it up and take the USB stick to practice and update.

    Works a treat, and some pros travel with a USB stick and just ask for a Kemper at the gig.

    brand new Mac. well 1 year or so old so whatever is in it . The rig manager quits working after a few minutes if not used . Then i have to close it and reopen it and it works again...

    Sorry, I meant on the Kemper itself. What version is the Kemper on?

    Sounnds the same, no? :P

    The imprints may sound okay with that cab but I don't beleive they are accurate to the Kone?

    No idea... Looked it up and the speaker is

    Aktiv, 2-Wege

    • Total Impedance N/A - Active Speaker
    • Frequency Response 70Hz – 20kHz (-3dB)
    • HF Transducers 1” Compression
    • LF Transducers 12" Special Design

    Never heard of it, but so what. Super happy with my Kabinets, but it would be interesting to A/B these...

    Should be here in the next day or two. Bought one that was Faded Blue in September but wasn't able to play it for a few weeks because of a self inflicted palm injury.

    Once I had the opportunity to play it, I liked it enough that I decided to sell the three electric guitars I had and get another 24-08. I liked the others, especially the EBMM Cutlass, but I don't do well switching from one neck profile to another, shouldn't be an issue now.

    I hear good things about this model. Very versatile...

    I'll never understand the gig bag thing. I wouldn't carry a guitar worth over $50.00 in one. They take up the same space as a case (It still has to fit a guitar in) Guitars get a little scratch protection but none from any pressure. A bump against a doorway can still bust a pot or tuner and damage wood. It's just not worth the gamble, I'll just carry the guitar in two pillowcases for the same protection and then it won't look like it can take more than it can.

    I get it, and make no mistake, some of my axes are NOT cheap. That said, I've transported my best and least in the RBX and have never experienced a negative.

    Only home to car to gig/practice and back though...