rig tempo problems

  • For some reason my locked rig tempo changes when I use the tap-tempo on the remote. I'm doing a christmas tour at the moment - 1 performance for each set, and 5 different rigs set up that covers the music. On some of the rigs I want a fixed tempo and on some of them I need to to tap the tempo. Yes, I have read the manual and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right - but obviously I'm not. When I tap a tempo in - lets say rig 1, and move on two rig 2 with a fixed rig tempo at 64, the tempo I tapped in remains and overrules the fixed rig tempo. I have unchecked the performance tempo box, checked the enable tempo box, unlocked and locked the tempo and stored. What am I missing?

    Thank you so much for ongoing inspiration and thanks in advance for helping me out with this one.

  • It appears, you simply shouldn't select "Lock Tempo".

    Locking means, that a module, section or setting survives a Rig or Slot change in its current state. If you want to change Rigs and the stored Tempo of the new Rig to take effect, then simply don't lock Tempo, which is the default state.