Best profiles for pedal platform?

  • To answer my own question, I woke up this morning and remembered I had a Michael Britt free profile pack on my KPA.

    I loaded up the AC50 profile, set the gain to 1.0, and plugged in my Boss Power Stack. It was honestly like a religious experience.

    This profile alone is a better pedal platform than any actual Fender HRD or Princeton amp I’ve ever played.

    I’m BLOWN AWAY! My jaw has been on the floor for the last half an hour!

  • Finding good pedal platforms is my hobbyhorse. I still buy pedals to get new and/or unique sounds - so a profile that takes pedals very well is a must for me.

    The above mentioned profile is in my top-list. Problem: At the moment I have a pedal platform folder with 122 "pedal platform" rigs =O.

    I am working on a personal best-list and will reduce the selection bit by bit :)

    Because I have bought almost every rig out there and there are so many good free profiles in RE, it will take some time.

    Look out for clean profiles of a Marshall JVM410HJS (Satriani amp). They almost always work good with drive pedals. For example the free "JVM410HJS clean grn" from in the RE. Or even better: All the clean rigs (different channels) from Deadlight Studios JVM410HJS commercial pack.

  • Just wanted to give a short update to my post above. I managed to further reduce my selection of good pedal platform rigs :)

    I tested thousands of rigs out of my big collection of profiles. I dismissed many rigs that I thought will do the job or had been recommended - they just were not good enough anymore in the direct shoot-out. Ideally the profiles should already come with a low gain setting, definition on or around 5.0, sound natural with no or little EQ needed. They should work with any guitar I use and eat pedals like a champ. Of course I had some personal requirements to gain structure etc.

    It is a process, but bringing the selection down to around 35 rigs (some of them variations of the same amp or Studio / Merged) was hard work and feels like I am almost there: A manageable (personal) top list of pedal platform rigs that really work for me.

    I thought I share a screenshot of the profiles that still are standing proud after an intense shoot-out and are in my opion very good pedal platforms. If you have questions about any of the profiles, just ask. There are some hard to find rigs in here too, like the glorious Marshall JCM 800 from Uwe Schaefer / 4Seasonsound. Surprisingly, in the last shoot-outs almost all the free rigs had to go and were clearly beaten by commercial rigs. Only the the free "JVM410HJS clean grn" from is still there and can be found in RE.

    2 rigs are power-amp only profiles, that I use with preamps and preamp pedals. Tim from LiverReadySound made these after a request from me.

    Maybe someone has use for this.