Balancing volumes across profiles?

  • Adjust clean sense to get you close, there is a tutorial by Kemper on YouTube that explains in detail.

    Watch for effects , which can add unexpected volume gains.

    Use “Rig” volume to adjust as needed to balance against other profiles you use.

  • Some unsolicited advice based on a problem I had related to rig/performance volumes that may be useful to you or others:

    I use one expression pedal as a volume pedal, set post stack and with the range set all the way to the right. I checked the Lock Volume Pedal box so that this would be applied to all rigs and performances. Worked great.

    One day, several months later, I was checking to see if anything was locked, and noticed the Rig button was locked. Thinking "I didn't lock that", I unlocked it. I've had some pretty poor experiences because I locked something, and forgot to unlock, and then saved over several rigs, or an entire performance. Well, after that my rigs and performances were really out of balance, volume-wise. After re-balancing several of them, I noticed that the Lock Volume Pedal box was unchecked (you can probably tell where I'm going with this). Turned out that the rigs/performances that were set with any other volume pedal configuration were louder or softer than they were with "my" preferred volume pedal set up. So, once I checked the Lock Volume Pedal box again, and reset the volumes I had changed, all was good again.

    A long-winded way of advising, if you are using an expression pedal as a volume, be sure things are set your preferred way before you start balancing volumes.

    Similar to the adage "always be tuning", I should also "always be checking to see if anything is locked" !