Problems whit update beta 5. 7. 5. 14419B

  • 5.7.4 is where my s/pdif problems started. I get a clean signal with just occasional clicks and pops every two seconds or so. 5.7.7 is the same, clean signal with a click or pop every few seconds. I'm running into an EMU 1212 with Reaper. The analog outs seem to be fine with all the latest updates.

  • The does not work with SPDIF on SyncSource SPDIF there is no tone. On SyncSource Internal there is only some clicking :-( (I have a saffire pro 24 sound interface) The version 5.7.7. was working OK for me

  • I noticed on strange bug with 5.7.7 that I never had before. I am connected to my audio interface via spdif and I have always set the clock on the Profiler to 44.1khz and everything worked perfect pre-5.7.4. Now here's the strange bug...

    Last night I turned on the Profiler and then my audio interface. I went into my DAW as per usual and I had a backing track ready to go. The project in my DAW was set at 44.1Khz to match that of the Profiler spdif output clock. I hit play and the backing track was playing at half the speed. I noticed when I went into the audio driver settings for my interface and it was registering the sample rate at 96Khz. I checked the Profiler to see if that was the setting and it still read 44.1Khz so I know I didn't change it. I had to change the sample frequency in the software driver back to 44.1 Khz to match what was on the Profiler and the backing track in the DAW played back at the proper speed again. This has never happened before until after I updated to 5.7.7.

    I just thought I would let you know in case there is still a real issue with the spdif.

  • I checked it with my Profiler and the Scarlet 18i8 and Cubase without any problems.

    2 1/2 minutes recording via SDIF and also Reamping via SPDIF.

    What does the "click" look like in the wave form?

    Is it maybe a peak after all or caused by the guitar or the cable?