Beat The Bullet - Danger Danger instrumental cover

  • Hello all,

    My midlife crisis continues with this cover of Danger Danger's Beat the bullet. Andy Timmons being the guitar player back then, and has always been a stand out guitarist to me. I used a JCM800 with a treble boost for the solos, and Laboga Alligator for the 'vocal' lines, plus a few effects on the rhythm guitar parts....and more I currently can't remember, another symptom of old age..

  • Ahah Mid life crisis like these are a bliss for others , at least you're not buying a porsche to show off.

    I really dug the harmonized parts and that JCM 800 tones. I Guess our generation was raised with tones of JCM800 everyday we listened to radio, I always come back to a 800 also & will never be tired of it.

    I totally agree, timeless tones. I had one of the early valvestates as a youngster, I wish I'd kept hold of that now! Apparently they're having a come back