ENGL E580 DA Profiles

  • Hi everyone!

    I've just uploaded into Rig Exchange some DA profiles I've made yesterday from my ENGL E580 preamp into the power section of my Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark III.

    The profiles were made from the standard presets available in the preamp.

    Personally I love this preamp and might shoot some more when I get the time.

    Just search RE for "DA ENGL E580"

    I hope you guys and enjoy and find a use for them (:

    Have fun!


    Below you find some description about the presets, taken from the E580 manual:

    Lb1: Modern Eddy

    Latter day brown sound; just add a pinch of pitch and delay

    to tap your way into the hearts and minds of your audience.

    Lb2: Full Shred

    Shred is not dead, it just nodded off. With this one, all pickers who thrive on

    speed, accuracy and great tone will wake up to some hip hi-gain lead sounds.

    Lb3: Classic Lead

    Typical retro lead sounds of `70s vintage harking back

    to the first amps equipped with master knobs.

    Lb4: Moore Lead

    Gary's notion of tone: Les Paul plus gobs of gain equals endless sustain.

    Lb5: Angel's Rhythm

    Straight-up, mids-heavy hi-gain rhythm. Great contemporary sound

    for guitarists who like to stand out in a crowd. Creates a wall of sound

    Phil Spector would have been proud of.

    Lb6: Devil's Lead

    The evil twin of preset Lb5. Modern hi-gain lead sound with a bulldog's bite

    and balls to boot. Packs a mighty punch; great stuff if your band mates

    won't back off the volume when it comes for you to strut your soloing stuff.


    Lb7: Ultra Sandman

    In all humility, this one may set a new standard for ultramodern heavy metal

    riffage. Punchy low midrange, tight bottom end and sparkling treble. Tweak

    the presence knob and shape to taste. That should do it then ....

    Lb8: The Healer

    Searching for a singing Latin rock lead sound? Search no more. Particularly

    owners of set-neck mahogany-body guitars will appreciate this one. Sustain

    like there's no tomorrow, notes may actually hang around until the next day.

    Lb9: Strat Lead

    Plenty of punch to beef up every single coil-equipped guitar. Remarkable

    dynamic range, much like a hard-working British amp cranked to the hilt.

    Try an arpeggio or two and revel in the power and definition ...