Mix comments please

  • Me old drummer is singing this, everything except drums is Kemper.
    Not being George Martin I would like some suggestions as how to improve the mix.

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  • Very nice 60´s vibe there , almost Hollies ish , well done :thumbup:

    Maybe a little more bass guitar in the mix and a little bit

    "mastering" compressor all over it ....

    But that´s me, listening to my small computer pioneer speakers

    in the middle of the night 8o

    Cheers !

  • That's already a very good mix. Very transparent and good to listen to. Not my style of music but you hit the vibe of that style very well I'd say.

    For my personal taste the drums are a bit too much upfront (well you're a drummer, guess what is overemphasized in my mixes as I am a guitar player 8o). Still a bit of depth could help the mix (some suble reverb could do the trick). Especially bringing the vocals more up to front. Those sound a bit covered by a blanket (not very shiny in the high frequencies) and by the band instruments.

    The rather mono orientated mixing fits the musical style. Nevertheless you might want to consider a bit more panorama for drums and guitars in order to (again) leave room for the vocals in the center of the mix.

  • Nope, I'm a guitar player deadman42, you may be right about the drum levels.

    I'll have a crack at widening it a bit but I'm not a fan of these huge panoramic mixes meself.
    Thanks for listening, I appreciate the comments folks.

  • Really cool sounding ...!!!

    The Voice reminds me little of Mr. Bowie in his early times. And the mix even sound really good !

    My suggestions are: turn off the A-Guitar in the first verse (left?) or is it a kind of tambourine? Or maybe lower the volume of this Instrument a little bit.

    And the drums (snare) a little lower volume.