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    Would it be possible to have organised folders in Windows/iOS and point Rig Manager to the root folder so it can scan and create the same folder structure in Rig Manager?

    So far I have 100s of amps and every purchase means I have to import them into a manually created folder structure. As I formatted my PC and now wish to have all the purchased amps at the ready it is extremely time consuming to have to create this structure manually when trying to organise by Amp Profiler/Amp/Di or Studio/Mic/Cab.

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  • As I posted this in the Rig Manager section and as a feature request I will add what I found really sped things up for me.

    I found a way to kind of do the time consuming work.

    [deleted by admin]

    Rig Manager will create the folder structure and all you need to do is start copying the files over.

    If it could just recognise the files and automatically import them that would be great but it does not seem to do this.

    I hope you find this useful.


  • This would be cool, however as they cant even make a version of RM that actually works so I wouldn't hold my breath for something like this.

    The latest version of RM is so broken I can't get RM to even work in the most basic way. Renaming folders by itself, undoing changes by itself its a total waste of time. Any editing or rearranging I do eventually just becomes a load of "New Folder" icons.

  • Sorry to hear it mate. I have actually, apart from beta versions, never had an issue with it. I just find the ability to manage folders and files completely counter intuitive.

    I would rather you just pointed it to a root folder and off it went.

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