• Good morning is there any yamaha revstar rs620 owner who sends me a simple rhythm track with three profiles, one clean, one crunch and one distorted taken from the free ones by Michael Britt and Lasse Hammert to compare it with my instrumentation? without making any changes to the profile taken as it is.Thank you very much end sorry for my English ...google translator.

  • Hi, are you wanting to see if there is something wrong with your guitar?

    You are worried that the profiles sound different or wrong with your guitar - compared to somebody else that owns the same guitar playing the same profiles?

    The best advice I can give is you plugging into a an amp you already have - if the guitar is working there - then the guitar is working with kemper. It may just be you have to edit the profiles to get a sound you like or use a different profile - not every profile (or real amp!) sounds good with every guitar.

    And rarely - do profiles sound anything like what they do on youtube! :) Check your input levels, and then look at the definition control in the amp block before you start tweaking pre or post eq :)

    Good luck!

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  • Hi, are you wanting to see if there is something wrong with your guitar?

    No I think he just want to discover if he's reamping correctly or why he's not able to reamp correctly.

    We've altready discussed the same here.

    I've already spent some time tring to explain him How to do,

    At the end I quit and he replied it's not possible to do. Well al least I tried.

  • Checked the whole sound chain, all the guitar cables, and after replacing the puckups with the black dogs that I had mounted on a telecaster prototype that I had built, I checked for exclusion the welds of the xlr cables that were new, so I found the reason for that difference in volume that I had between the right and left channel and that strange sound that was not normal (a mesh of the mass was welded together with the signal cable) and everything returned to normal, or rather better with the new pickups. Now I have also solved with the reamp, connecting the old sound card I had with the new one with a toslink optical cable, so I could take advantage of the spdif outputs of the old sound card and in any case the speed of the tunderbolt of the new ... it took a lot just to understand but now everything works ....