Performance Issues?

  • Is anyone still having performance issues using OS I did just send a message to Kemper support complete with documentation. I read on the forum of past issues with earlier software versions, but I wasn't sure if the problems persist (they obviously do for me). Please let me know if I should elaborate herein. Thx.

  • performance issues

    What kind of issues do talk about? Severe problems? Or some minor problems which are easy correctable? I myself do not have severe problems. Two days ago while copying from local library and presets to a performance slot I got a software exception two times, needed to reboot two times my Stage. But finally, I got it to work. So, my impression: in the whole, OS 7.2.2 has no severe problems.

  • A. I'm prompted to save a performance as soon as the performance is loaded, even though I made no changes yet.

    B. An existing performance is over-written in the following scenario: I leave Perf #1 after saving it, go to another performance which then somehow takes the same location as Perf. #1.

    I've also emailed my debug file to Kemper today. Thx.