Profiles directly from manufacturers

  • Hey Kemper fam, I’m curious if anyone knows of actual amplifier manufacturers that offer profiles of their amps. For example, Powered By Omega offers their obsidian, and granophyre amp models in a kemper pack directly on their website. Just curious if there are others. Thanks in advance :)

  • Victory has a great shop where they offer many profiles of their regular amps, e.g. the Kraken and others.

    I'm still waiting for this to be of more kind of a business model. Create physical amp as a prototype, profile it, sell the profiles, avoid building the physical amps in a bigger series. But so far haven't seen many with that approach. Probably not enough to make a living as there are so many beautiful profiles out there 8)

  • Awesome, man, thanks for the heads up! I think that’d be a cool idea, but I think it’d make more sense the other way around. Kinda like, make an Amp, profile it and see if there’s a demand for a physical head should it sell well. Everyone kinda wins in that scenario.

  • Victory Amps and Dr. Z are only the two I'm aware of and I'm also waiting for more manufacturers to do so. I'm sure there are plenty of musicians, who like myself, that will never buy real amp + cab for myriad of reasons but who would be willing to pay directly to original creators of amps to show support for their awesome work.