Anyone who has used Yousician and Rocksmith?

  • I watched the Rocksmith video, as I have that on my PC; to be fair to the "game", he jumped into it without understanding anything about how it works (colour of each string, difficulty, how the mini games work etc) so it makes sense he couldn't just jump into it like Guitar Hero. And he kept pointing out the tuning screen - well duh, if you play multiple songs in different tunings, you need to change the tuning on your guitar! It only shows that screen when the tuning changes... Having said all that, the "game" is fairly unforgiving - e.g. if you don't strike all the strings for a chord or if a string (or your fretting pressure) causes notes to be slightly out of tune. Plus you can only use the supplied guitar Jack-USB adapter for input, pretty dumb restriction.

    The stock amp/pedal sims aren't very good either; this is where I love using my Kemper - I plug the Rocksmith cable into the monitor out, feed the main outs to an interface, pick a decent rig and mute the game's guitar sound. PC sound goes into interface through SPDIF. It's all good 8)

  • I allready have almost 200 hours in the game, I hacking love it, I put millions of songs in there, and every day I do one hour of free play random songs, its fun as hack and it stimulates my guitar senses, and it realy feels like im playing guitar hero. I end up every session with about 90% succession rate, well, it depends on what songs I got.

    I use my kemper for the sound, the tone in-game is rubbish.

    Absolutly reccomend from my end bro.

  • Rocksmith probably does it best. Yes, it can't recreate learning things on your own or the freedom of soloing but it does game-ify and incentivize practicing and learning new material. It makes striving for perfection fun and looping sections over and over easy. Not bad for beginners

    Fwiw, I mostly played it with bass and it's good for that--monophonic, a collection of things to learn.