Rig Manager installation

  • Hey,

    Unable to make any thread in the private forums and just want to find an answer to this as my kemper is stuck on a single preset. I tried upgrading Rig Manager to the most recent, and despite upgrading my kemper to the correct version Rig Manager wouldn't recognize it. I uninstalled Rig Manager to try an older version, but now I'm unable to install ANY version of Rig Manager. I ran installation with logging, and it seems that its unable to find a driver file. I have redownloaded many times, so its definitely not a corruption issue. Any ideas? Would really like to be able to get profiles back onto my device and working with it again. Here is the relevant portion of the log from installation, and I've attached the out.zip archive:

  • Yeah it was a fairly weird situation that caused this to occur, I suspect the issue lies more on the Windows 10 side, just not sure how to solve this... Will submit a ticket, thanks!

  • Hi, my usb drivers dont install when i upgrad to the latest Rig manager and
    No connections and my unithandling shows that the USB kemper was not installed.
    I then find the drivers under the c:\Program Files\Kemper Amps\Driver\ and installed them from the Device Manager.

    Working ! :)