Kemper Thump

  • So I've owned a Kemper power head for many years now and I love it to bits.

    However, it still doesn't give me the same physical response as playing a tube amp in the way you can feel the notes push out at you.

    The best way I can describe it is comparing 2D to 3D. The image/sound is almost identical but the responsive feel of playing it is different.

    I mostly play it through cabs (with the cab sim off) and have also put it through a few FX loops of tube amps to use the power section and then into a cab, which is a slight improvement.

    What I'm wondering is (technically), is it possible for Kemper to add some feature (like a Thump knob) that would allow you to control this aspect? And if it's more down to the power section, could someone (technically) design a power amp that would give you this feature and allow you to control how much the notes push air from a cab?


  • I appreciate the suggestions though it's definitely not just a volume thing. I'm predominantly a bedroom player (and tinnitus sufferer) so am pretty consistent with the volume across all my amps and the "thump" is very noticeably different at this same volume. Probably the most prominent thumper is my 5e3 Tweed Deluxe, though even my Deluxe Reverb Tonemaster (which is an all digital amp) gives me good thump, so it's clearly not just a tube thing.

    I've also tried the Kemper through multiple cabs but with the very similar results thump-wise.

    Long-shot, but has anyone at Kemper been looking into this?

    It would literally be the icing on the (already tasty) cake for me