WAH Effekt nur mit zwei Stereo Kabel?

  • In your previous reply you wrote that you configured the same pedal input(2) as a wah and then as a monoswitch which cancels the first assignment and makes no sense. Please contact our support team through the website and supply a backup of your Profiler so we can take a closer look at your settings.

  • The backup needs to be done with a USB stick. You can find a description in the manual. But I can already tell that the problem is that you are setting things up wrongly. The same pedal input can not be configured for two functions.

    I would suggest that you try to make it less complicated by leaving the whole switch thing out for now and simply concentrate on the actual pedal part. Connect the pedal output with a TRS cable to one of the pedal inputs, configure that input to work as a wah and calibrate the pedal. Then put a wah effect in stomp A of any rig and load the cry baby preset. That should give you a working wah sound.

    Once you achieved that try to connect the switch with a TS cable to a different pedal input and configure that a s a mono switch to control the status of stomp A, calibrate and enjoy!

  • to use the same pedal for wah and volume you need to configure it as a wah pedal and then activate the "wah to volume" option in the system menu. As soon as you load a rig that has no active wah effect in any of the stomps the pedal will work as a volume pedal. As soon as you load a rig with an active wah in one of the stomp slots it will work as a wah.

  • I would think that I'd need both functions available during normal playing

    Isn't that the point of the toe switch

    at this point, I have the wah available although it changes it attitude from patch to patch

    how do configure the volume to respond to the toe switch?

    by the way , i appreciate you taking all this time with me. this is the closest I've gotten to a solution