Boss SY-1000 - any experiences with normal mode?

  • I got a SY-1000 guitar synth to check it out. My idea was to use it as the only guitar sound device in my little cover band. We only play drums, bass, guitar so I thought to pimp up our sound a little bit by using some synth elements. Before I even wanted to start to check synth capabilties, I simply have set up some basic guitar sounds and checked that out.

    I spent a couple of hours at home to create some patches from the normal mode, just to cover clean, crunch and lead sounds. I used Headphones and only the X Amp models and some basic effects. At home, I was not blown away (which I never expected, given my Kemper experience) but quite satisfied with the results.

    Things changed when I went to the band rehearsal with the unit. I simply connected it to the band mixer and levelled it for the front and my in-ear monitoring. As soon as I played together with my mates, I felt very uncomfortable with my sound. They were not cutting through the mix (with only e-drums and bass guitar!) and I had to hard time to get any dynamics out of my playing - after a couple of songs, I switched back to my Kemper.

    That´s the story till now. There´s still some time until I have to return the unit but I don`t want to waste my time. I wonder if anyone here has some experience with thenormal mode of the SY-1000 and could indicate me if I should invest more to find any sweet spot or that I simply experienced that the amp modelling is mediocrore to my high, kemper biased expectations.

  • I have started using it with my Stage, and use the modelling to go out the sub output to the Kemper's input, using the divider on the SY, and run the other split into an onboard SY amp, and it is quite the compliment in a two amp sound. Great combo!!!