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    After More than 11 years, I‘ll have to say goodbye to this incredible community. I‘ve decided to continue with the Quad Cortex, simply for the ease of use.
    Thank you for all the support and the many things I‘ve learned from you guys.

    See you at Kemper two or whenever I‘ll be back ;)

    I‘m quite a fan of the Fishman Fluence pickups, for their clarity and versatility. I use them in three of my guitars and I love it.

    Now I‘ve put an eye on the Javier Reyes signature humbuckers to put them into a 2006 PRS SE Standard 22 (a cheap but awsome all mahagony, SGish guitar). I pretty much like the sound samples of the pickups available on youtube. But - as the sound is quite scooped - I wonder if the humbucker are a tad too far away from the PAF / SH-4 "standard" sound to play classic rock etc.

    So, if any one here has some experience with the Fishman Fluence Javier Reyes Humbuckers, I´d appreciate any information and opinion

    Early on in lock down my band tried a couple of options but we couldn't get it to work...from memory it was Jamkazam and I kept getting digital distortion ( like the CPU was tripping out). Also latency was crazy...

    I have no doubt its a set up thing, but to answer your question as to why people don;t use it, its because even with 3 people in my band that are IT guys and we couldn't easily sort it and we gave up, so I suspect Joe public will struggle...We

    We´re using jamulus over internet and it was quite a journey to make it work in our 4 people band. Particularly I had trouble to bring latency down below 30 ms. I had an upgrade on my network hardware and tried all the tips to set up my lenovo consumer laptop with i5 processor, only with very decent improvements. Then I´ve discovered the jamulus stick, based on Linux and ready to run from the usb port without installation. I compared different laptops (I have nothing else...) and voilá it works very well when I use my company laptop with jamulus stick. Even if the specs seemed ok and I never had any other performance complaints it seems that my lenovo comes with some cheapish components that prevent to get a good latency on it, I´m tired of further investigation...

    So, if you`ll try to use jamulus, search for the stick version, that seems to be the easiest way to get good results (there´s also an analizing tool included that lists out potential trouble makers...)

    To rehearse online is a pain in the a... compared to being onsite together- but it´s so much better than not to play in a band...

    Are you guys aware that you are threatening the way a man makes his living? You do that based on what? Facts? Knowledge? I doesn‘t seem so! Thank god it’s my freedom to stop reading this gossip (which I will do). Face the man one to one and clearify your troubles, I‘d be happy to read the results here.

    I got a SY-1000 guitar synth to check it out. My idea was to use it as the only guitar sound device in my little cover band. We only play drums, bass, guitar so I thought to pimp up our sound a little bit by using some synth elements. Before I even wanted to start to check synth capabilties, I simply have set up some basic guitar sounds and checked that out.

    I spent a couple of hours at home to create some patches from the normal mode, just to cover clean, crunch and lead sounds. I used Headphones and only the X Amp models and some basic effects. At home, I was not blown away (which I never expected, given my Kemper experience) but quite satisfied with the results.

    Things changed when I went to the band rehearsal with the unit. I simply connected it to the band mixer and levelled it for the front and my in-ear monitoring. As soon as I played together with my mates, I felt very uncomfortable with my sound. They were not cutting through the mix (with only e-drums and bass guitar!) and I had to hard time to get any dynamics out of my playing - after a couple of songs, I switched back to my Kemper.

    That´s the story till now. There´s still some time until I have to return the unit but I don`t want to waste my time. I wonder if anyone here has some experience with thenormal mode of the SY-1000 and could indicate me if I should invest more to find any sweet spot or that I simply experienced that the amp modelling is mediocrore to my high, kemper biased expectations.

    Blade RH 4 NW ( Nightwood) 1995 MiJ

    I bought my RH-4 in 1990, when I was only earning some money with a Top 40 band - lightly used but expensive as hell at that time...

    I still own it and I still enjoy to play it, even if the 90s neck profile is not my favorite anymore. It´s a very well thought guitar package with a lot of clever solutions - VSC booster, the genious Tremolo - also build in custom shop quality.

    Hope you´ll enjoy yours like I enjoy mine... :thumbup:

    I own and play a Blade RH-4 since 1990, so I´m quite to used with the VSC. ;) I also have installed it (ordered as replacement part) into several non-Blade guitars and I really love it anywhere. I have no pedalboard anymore, but I`m shure the VSC pedal makes a great addition as it does inbuild.

    I´ve been using the Kemper since 2012, so three years of ramp up, until the remote came out ;) At least if you intend to play live, you should start directly with the remote. It´s really well thought and eases up the usage of the Kemper goodies (in particular morphing and assigning more than one effect to a button.)