OS 1.0.9 Public Beta available for download

  • Public Beta

    This public beta release addresses several issues and adds new features including additional factory rigs for your enjoyment. In order to install the new content, go to the SYSTEM menu and hit the soft button "Factory Rigs". The new rigs will amend the existing portfolio, nothing will be deleted or removed. The optional "Rig Pack 01" available on the Kemper Amps website contains the same additions.

    Additions and improvements:

    - added: in profiling mode, ON/OFF button mutes Direct Out signal
    - added: New noise gate stomp: Gate 2:1 with ratio 2:1 (a soft expander)
    - added: New noise gate stomp: Gate 4:1 with ratio 4:1 (a steeper expander)
    - improved: The unit boots faster now
    - improved: Rotary Speaker stomp has been refined
    - improved: Better S/R ratio in certain situations

    Resolved issues:

    - fixed: Several assertions have been addressed
    - fixed: Deleting a loaded rig does not vanish on STORE/REPLACE anymore
    - fixed: Sorting by alphabet is case insensitive now
    - fixed: Sort by author/date works as expected now
    - fixed: Rig, which name contains an ampersands ('&'), work as expected now
    - fixed: First rig after powering up sounds as expected now
    - fixed: Addresses an issue related to handling of multiple MIDI assignments to same rig
    - fixed: Deleting the last preset doesn’t cause occasional crashes anymore
    - fixed: Load/Autoload works as expected when navigating using the rig key cross
    - fixed: A issue related to hitting delete/yes in rig browser to fast has been addressed
    - fixed: Deleting a loaded rig does not vanish on STORE/REPLACE anymore

    Known Issues:

    - New stomp gates are not downward compatible, get replaced by Wah Flanger during downgrade to 1.0.8 Release, but recover when upgrading again
    - Alternative Input only functional for Stereo Loop

    The new version can be downloaded here: http://www.kemper-amps.com/start/

    enjoy! best, gs