Browsing through Rigs

  • Hey all :)

    Just received my Kemper today - had a quick dig through and I'm very impressed with some of the default rigs so far.

    I set up Rig Manager a few days ago (eager) and imported some rigs that I've downloaded (The Amp Factory, MBritt, etc). I spent a good while organising them all into folders based on amp/author inside Rig Manager.

    When I add these profiles to the Kemper, there are no folders. It just shows up as one long list of 300+ profiles that I have to scroll through all at once. Is there any way to organise these into folders on the Kemper itself? Am I missing something?

    I am only using a USB drive to transfer for now, I don't have a USB printer cable (Assumed it would be included..). So possibly when I connect it up to Rig Manager through my PC properly, I could get that option?

    Thanks ^^^^

  • Welcome to the forum! The only means of organization in the profiler itself would be through setting up performances. You can also use naming schemes to have the rigs show up in a particular order within the profiler.

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  • I started off just banging through the rigs and making favorites of ones I liked. (I think you can do this by holding down the rig button and I think a soft button as well)Then in rig manager made performances of them. The toughest part about having a Kemper is making choices. I could be happy live using any number of rigs on there. I'm trying to build my ultimate list to narrow things down. I think i have 5 performances set up so I can quickly compare. I agree with Zapp.

  • Once you find stuff you like browsing and mark favorite (or remember them) go to rig manager and performance making is super fast when you have some narrowed down. You can also set the view in browser mode to sort different ways. It's taken me a while to get used to performance mode being more like groups and browse mode being like the library you build the groups from. What I like is I can build performances and alter the heck out of the sound and it leaves them alone in browser mode. A bit different than most digital units that have a library and you copy what you want to a different place and edit, performance mode gives you more levels of control over what you put together.

  • A workaround could be to change the author name to an amp name, or what ever criteria you want to sort by. Then when you when you sort by author, it will sort by your criteria. Likewise, you can change the instrument to bass and then those profiles show up when you sort by bass. That could be a separate set of "favorites".

    You can make those changes to several rigs at once in Rig Manager by selecting all the rigs you want to change.